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KSM’s Top 10 – Things I’d like to do in 2013

Thought I might try doing something like this just for the fun of it, just to see how it goes. I’ve alway seen people (most notably David Letterman) do a top 10 list of things they want to do or a top 10 ranking for a certain thing, just a general top 10 on just about anything. And I can be quite opionated at times, so I might do some interesting ones in the future. We’ve just started the second month of the new year (2013) and well, I’ve not done much yet this year. So here’s the top 10 things I’d like to do this year. I may accomplish it, I might not get it done, but if I do, that’s all good for me.

10 – Coloured Ink for the Printer

My printer only prints out black and white right now, and I’m not so fussed about having coloured ink just yet. But there might come a time where it could come in handy, and if it dos, I might just need it. So why not? I mean, my school is making me print out way too many notes after all. Plus it is a bit more easier with different colours too.

9 – A Shelf for my Collections

Another thing that is not really all that needed, but I sure don’t mind having one. Some may know that I’ve got a huge collection of model cars (Formula One and IndyCars) and also a collection of wrestling figures, and they’re all displayed on some shelf and not even in my room. It would be kinda nice to have a shelf to have all my collection in my room so I don’t have to walk around just to look at them.

8 – Learn more about my Nikon D5100 Camera

I shit you not, even till this day, I’m still learning about it. I think I’ve finally learned how to take good pictures on a Formula One grand prix weekend, which is the main thing for me for getting the camera in the first place, but I still seem to have some troubles trying to get all sorts of other pictures, and the occasional troubles at those very races too. It’s more helpful to go for some sort of classes to learn stuff like these, yet I’m trying to learn it myself. I like the challenge, but sometimes it’s better to seek advice/help first.

7 – Another Overseas Holiday

I don’t necessarily need one, but I sure wouldn’t mind one. I do like the idea of travelling around and visiting all sorts of places. Last year alone I got to visit places like Melbourne (Australia), Genting (Malaysia) and California (United States of America). So far, I’ve got no idea where I might go this year, if I’m going anywhere that is. Wouldn’t mind going around somehwere again, and bring my trusty little friend (Nikon camera) along for the adventure for some Trigger Time. But I gotta save some money for that to happen surely.


6 – Find a new method for Revisions

Yeah, I seem to have problems trying to figure out which is the best way to do revisions. I don’t like to read off books and hope that the info will be stuck into my brain, because no matter how many times I do it, it won’t stay there. Writing notes have made it easier, but I still seem to be just copying down whatever is on other notes and not making it look like my own. Really need to figure out a way to remember stuff out.

5 – Get an Autograph from a Formula One driver on an F1 model car display

When I saw a few people lining up in Melbourne with model car displays to have them autographed by the F1 drivers, I thought to myself, “why didn’t I think of that?”. It’s a nice way to get their autograph for sure. It’s a lot easier to get it from an autograph session, something Melbourne has and Singapore don’t, so that could be tricky to make it happen. But, apart from last year, I have had some good fortune of bumping into a few drivers around the Marina Bay circuit, who knows? I might as well bring around an empty display just to be safe if I do catch someone around.

4 – Get on the Singapore Flyer

I’ve been waiting for some time now to go onto the Singapore Flyer, and maybe this year it’s time for me to finally go around the biggest ferris wheel in the world. My best bet of doing that is if I get the same tickets I got for last year’s Singapore Grand Prix, which allowed me to have a free ride on the Singapore Flyer, maybe this time I should go on it. Plus a night view of Singapore would look quite amazing I would think.


3 – Lose Some Weight!

Self explanatory for this one, can’t always be lazy and put on weight, gotta try to lose some as well. Don’t know how that will happen, but I gotta try. A lighter me would also equal to a much happier me.

2 – Save Some Money

I’m the kind that likes to save my money and not spend it freely like some people, but I have been spending a bit too much for my liking as of late. I’d like to save some money for things like maybe another overseas trip or for the things that really matter. And try to save some more to add to my collection of model cars obviously.


Well, I’m gonna spend most of 2013 studying (gonna graduate March 2014, hopefully), so to make that happen, I have to get some good grades. Don’t really care what I get, as long as it’s good enough to pass the course. Always thought Accouting was just all numbers, never knew that wasn’t quite the case. Not a big fan of remember stuff and doing presentations and things like that. Oh well, I don’t easily give up and just gotta do my best. That’s the main thing I want out of 2013.