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KSM’s Top 10 – Formula One Grand Prix races I’d like to visit

It’s the month of March, and for motoracing fans like myself, that can only mean one thing, the start of the new Formula One season is fast approaching. In just under two weeks times, the green light will go out to start the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. Too bad I won’t be there to catch the action in Melbourne once again, hopefully I’ll be back soon. But thinking about it, that was one of the most fun I’ve had in a trip. And I’m starting to reach that point where I’m planning my holidays around watching some races, and there are some really good circuits on the F1 calendar I’d love to visit some day. I’m lucky that there is a race in Singapore these days so I can catch the action here and even luckier enough to watch the race in Melbourne (if I end up moving there in the future, even better for me). So how about a Top 10 grand prix I’d like to visit sometime in the future?

10 – Italian Grand Prix (Monza)

I sure as heck am not a fan of Ferrari, but the atmopshere in Monza surely has to be one of the best anywhere around the world, and I wouldn’t mind experiencing it for myself sometime in the future. I do like the Monza circuit, it’s one of the quickest and one of the best around, I don’t mind visiting that circuit just to watch a good race there, and try not to let the Ferrari crowd intimidate me at all!

9 – Indian Grand Prix (Uttar Pradesh)

Of the Grand Prix held in Asia, there’s really only two that I’ve not been to that I really don’t mind travelling to, and India’s Budh International Circuit is one of them. It looks like a nice circuit with some great viewing points, so that’s good for fans. I’ve not been to India for sometime, and I’m sure I’ll be in India sometime in the future (probably for one of my cousin’s wedding or whatever), and who knows, maybe I could try to make the trip to Uttar Pradesh for the race too?

8 – German Grand Prix (Hockenheim/Nurburgring)

Germany, race cars, need I say more? It sucks that there’s isn’t one fixed circuit for the grand prix, I’m not a fan of alternating races at all. But if I were to ever go to Europe, surely the German Grand Prix would be one I would consider watching. I’ve always been a number of German drivers (Ralf Schumacher, Nick Heidfeld, Nico Hulkenberg, Sebastian Vettel, Heinz-Harald Frentzen), why not check out their home race too if given the chance?

7 – Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka)

Sure, many people know I’m not a fan of many things Japanese (also because my brother is a Japan-fanatic, so why not?), and I’ve always said I don’t really want to go to Japan. But for the race in Suzuka, I sure wouldn’t mind it at all. It’s one of the better circuits around too, so why the heck not.

6 – Monaco Grand Prix (Monte-Carlo)

It’s Monaco, why the hell wouldn’t you want to go there? Sure, the racing there is non-existant, but it’s F1’s version of the Indianapolis 500, the history is all there. Plus it’s a street circuit so I’m sure I can enjoy the action a lot better than a racing on a normal race circuit. I’m not sure if Monaco has a ticket like the one in Marina Bay, where you can walk around the circuit, because that is a big win for me (and that’s why Marina Bay and Melbourne will always be my two favourite circuits to visit).

5 – British Grand Prix (Silverstone)

If the British Grand Prix were to be held a week earlier this year (2013), I might have planned a visit to Silverstone. Unfortunately, my school starts again the day after the race, so that’s the reason for me not going there. I’ve always wanted to visit England, and a trip to the home of British motorsports is a must for me, being a fan of many things British in racing too (teams and drivers). Plus I’ve always heard many good things from my friends who have been there.

4 – Belgian Grand Prix (Spa-Francorchamps)

That’s probably my next favourite circuit on the F1 calendar after Montreal, and the circuit itself looks stunning, and I’ve seen pictures from my friend’s visit to Spa, and I’m convinced already that I’ve got to visit Spa sometime in the future. There’s just something special about it really. If I was loaded, I’d be making plans to fly to Belgium for the race for sure. There’s always great racing there. And it’s a big circuit too, so if it’s possible to walk around it like the street circuits, that would be awesome.

3 – Grand Prix of America (Hudson County, New Jersey)

It’s been delayed for 2014, but I really wouldn’t mind making the trip there. It looks like a great street circuit and Manhattan is just the other side of the Hudson river, that’s two big wins in my view for visiting that circuit. It being a street circuit, I’m sure the atmosphere will be great. Me being into photography these days, I’ve gotta find a way to get a pic of the cars with Manhattan as a background, now that would be some picture. I’m sure there would be a lot to do at that area as well during the weekend and after the race. Plus I’ve always wanted to visit New York.

2 – United States Grand Prix (Austin, Texas)

Last year was the first race in Austin, and I could tell right away it was a great circuit, some good racing and from what I heard from a friend of mine, the experience there was something special, so I’d like to experience it myself sometime in the future. Plus it’s in Texas. And it’s also got that awesome looking viewing tower, I sure wouldn’t mind watching the action from right up there. I can tell that the circuit has got some really great views around the circuit, and that Turn 1 is something special too.

1 – Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal, Quebec)

Surprised? If you know me quite well, you shouldn’t be. It’s a street circuit, and one of the best ones around too. And it’s my favourite circuit, and I’ve seen pictures from a few people who’ve been to the race, I can tell it sure is worth the money. And there’s always great races in Montreal. The city itself, from what I’ve heard, is one of the best places to visit for a Grand Prix too. There surely has to be a number of great views around the street circuit. If it’s possible to move around the circuit, even better for me. Plus it’s in Canada!

Realistically, I would only consider the first six in the near future, unless I’ve earned a lot of money and can do some travelling in the future. As you can tell from the top three picks, I’m a bit biased to the North American races, I really do like what I’ve seen from Texas and I’ve always wanted to watch race in Montreal, and with New Jersey set to be a back-to-back race with Montreal in the future, even better since they are qute close by. You may notice one race isn’t on that list. There’s a good reason for that, and it’s not because I don’t like the place (I do like it, just don’t like some of the people). Well, in a few weeks time, I’ll be heading off to Sepang to catch the Malaysian Grand Prix for the first time. I doubt that it will be as good as Marina Bay, Melbourne or the Sonoma IndyCar race, but hopefully it will still be a great experience.