Booker T in Singapore

Before last weekend, I had not once seen a wrestler up close and that all changed last Saturday, and it wasn’t just any wrestler, it was the legendary Booker T. I had been looking for that day a long time if I’m honest, I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was young, so it sucks to have waited this long to meet one wrestler but hey, some things are worth the wait I guess.

The venue was Bugis+, a place I hadn’t been to before even thought it’s right next to Bugis Junction which I used to go to all the time seeing as I stayed over at Rochor as a kid just a stones throw away from Bugis Junction. I knew I had to go early if I wanted to meet Booker T, only 50 lucky fans with some StarHub bill would get in and luckly for me, I was the 40th or 41st to show up. Yeah, I showed up at 11.30pm, when the event was only due to start at 3.30pm. Being a diehard fan of wrestler, I didn’t mind the long wait one bit. At least I brought my DS to keep me entertained with the new White 2 game (why the heck not?) and just wait.

It was pretty cool to see Booker T live for once, I’ve watched him during his days in WCW (yes, they did show WCW here in Singapore) and I thought it was crazy that I get to meet someone I’ve seen wrestle for a long time and he’s not just any ol’ wrestler. He’s a 6 time world champion (well, he is the FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME WCW Champion), 15 time tag champion, King of the Ring winner and he’s achieved many things in the crazy world of professional wrestling. The little mall with thousands of fans went nuts seeing Booker T when he showed up, and yup, YES! chants took over Singapore too haha (I’m jumped on Daniel Bryan’s YES bandwagon long before anyone else did, when he was still a heel, I always thought that YES chant was funny and chatchy).

They had some trivia questions, all of which I knew but of course, they’re always picking some kid or someone that doesn’t look like they know the answer. Heck, the “impersonation contest” was kinda rubbish, I could have done a better job. And everyone said the same thing, “can you dig it, sucka”. Come on, no “Tell me, you didn’t just saw that” or the awesome “oh shucky ducky quack quack” or even “the fave five”. Come on people. Oh yeah, the new WWE 2K14 game was on demo but I couldn’t try it, too many clowns around haha. It does look similar to the previous game though.

Still, I did get to meet Booker T during the meet and greet session which was super cool, didn’t think I could get in as one of the first 50 but it happened! I got up to the table and the first thing I did was bow to Booker T, he was King Booker at one point. I told him “All hail King Booker” and he got a good laugh about it, gotta entertain him a bit too after all the years he entertained me. Told him I was a big fan of his to which he said “thanks man, I appreciate it”. Didn’t get to talk to him all that much but I can tell he’s a nice guy, and I got my picture and a signed poster of him, so I’m more than happy after that day! A bit dissapointed that there was no famous Booker T spinnerooni on show for us that day, but as some of you may know, he did have surgery on his elbow so he couldn’t do it but promises not just to come back to Singapore one day but pull it off for us, and hopefully I’ll get to see it haha. Finally I got to meet a wrestler and it happened to be Booker T, I can dig that sucka!


Booker T and myself!

One thing Booker T did say was that WWE might come to Singapore for a house show next year, which would be awesome. I did get to see the December 2002 show many years ago, but it’s been a while since the WWE was in Singapore (mid 2007 was the last time they were here). The moment I hear WWE is coming to Singapore, I’m getting those tickets no matter what. Still, if Wrestlemania is heading to San Francisco in 2015 or 2016, I might go for that one too. Big thanks to StarHub and WWE for making this meet and greet happen and giving me the chance to meet the legendary Booker T.


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