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FM 2014 NUFC Stories – Season 8 – European Champions at last!

Year 2020/21 – Season 8

Continuing from my previous post, we had 6 games left to go in the English Premier League and two matches against Manchester City in the quarter finals of the Champions League. I’m a bit torn as to which one I really want. I’d like a 6th English league title in 8 seasons but I also want a first Champions League win not just for me but for my Newcastle United team too.

First up was Norwich who were struggling in a relegation fight so I had some of my under 18 players get some game time in this match. And two of them ended up scoring their first goals for the senior team! Not bad at all boys. One of them ended up the man of the match in just his second match with the senior team. 3-0 winners.

Next was our 2nd leg quarter final match in the Champions League against Manchester City. We’ve never gone past the quarter final stages in this competition before but the good news for us is that we had 1-0 lead in the first leg and it was an away game too. It was an interesting game but no goals. So I made the switch to get Jose Villar, my Spanish re-gen from Madrid, to try his luck in place of Adam Campbell. And wow he repaid me back nicely. Two goals in the last two minutes to seal the 2-0 win, 3-o in both legs! We’re in the semi-final, this is uncharted terriorty for Newcastle United. Just one problem…we’ve got Real Madrid to deal with next. And in the six games we’ve played against them before, not one win to our names.

Then we had an away match to West Ham and the last time we had that match, we lost. I didn’t want to take the risk but I also didn’t want to tire my players out so once again I looked to the junior players. And this time it backfired. They scored within 9 minutes. We turned it around to lead 2-1 after 18 minutes but the Hammers got their equaliser o the 66th minute. 2-2 was the end result. And with Man City winning their match, they had closed right up.

Next up is the first leg of the semi finals in the Champions League. We played Madrid home so the objective was to make sure they did not score, we don’t want them having the away goal advantage going to their home game. It was going well for us, Campbell scored in the first minute of the second half, and I jumped out of my seat at 2am in the bloody morning. Yes, I’m really into this. With four minutes to go, they scored. What a crushing feeling. Not what we wanted. At least Aston Villa did us a huge favour by holding City to a draw. Norwich couldn’t do the same in the next round of games, they lost 2-1. We beat Cardiff 4-0, once again with some of the junior players having some match time and again, two of them scored!

Now for the vital second leg match against Real Madrid at their home. Do we play defensive to give ourselves a chance? Hell no. Stick to the gameplan that has won us many games. No attack, no chance! And it worked like a charm. Mullin scored twice in 10 minutes to give us a 2-0 lead. My German re-gen center back, Dennis Neumann, who Madrid have been chasing after for a few years now too, got us the third goal. We’re leading 3-0 at Madrid against a team we’ve never beaten before! That all changed with the final whistle, WE’RE INTO THE FINALS!

Suck it Madrid

City demolished Stoke 3-0 and the next day, we had to travel to North London to play Arsenal. With Manchester United drawing their match with Swansea, surely it’s now down to us and Manchester City. It was a close game, we hit the crossbar probably three times but finally got our goal just before half time thanks to James Rodriguez. With 8 minutes to go, one of my re-gen defenders scored to make it 2-0.

It was even sweeter since he played for Arsenal for 5 months on loan there and didn’t get much game time there. They scored immediately thanks to Yassine Benzia but it wasn’t enough, we beat them 2-1! At their home too! The next match would surely settle the English Premier League champions. If we beat Manchester City, we’re the champions.


No defensive formation once again from us. It’s all attack. As F1/IndyCar driver Takuma Sato would say “no attack, no chance”. Within 30 seconds we got the first goal thanks to the local lad Adam Campbell. For the rest of the match I was almost biting my fingernails, hoping the team could hold on. We got our second goal thanks to Belarus winger Savitskiy. City got one back in the dying minutes of the game but it’s not enough. WE’RE THE CHAMPIONS! Sixth English league title in eight years for Newcastle United. Not bad at all.

I was resting some of my players for the final league game against West Brom and we had no issues, we beat them 4-1. It didn’t start well as they took the lead. Rodriguez got our equaliser 8 minutes later. Campbell added two more goals and our young Spanish re-gen from Madrid, Jose Villar, got the last league goal of the season for us. 88 points in total, not our highest but still better than expected, especially since we were down in 4th going into the new year!

NUFC Season 8

So for those wonder what my team looks like, here you go (the ones with the red lines are re-gens):

NUFC Season 8 Team

Yup, I’ve got eight players with 4 star rating or higher and that’s just my first team, I’ve got a few more in my under-21 team and a lot more in my under-18 team. Check out Mullin’s value. £51m! As of right now in my game, he now has the highest value of any player, Barcelona’s Neymar is valued at £50m and the next highest is Real Madrid’s Isco at £41m. I’ve got a world beater on my hands and he’s still only 23!

My two favourite players in the team at the moment has to be my two English strikers. They just know when to score and that’s always good and both have had different paths going into my first choice. One has a 5 star rating, the only has 2.5 star rating but both have been brilliant for me.

Here’s Mullin career league stats as of right now:

Mullin Stats

And here’s Campbell career league stats:


It’s kinda weird that even though Campbell is 3 years older, they’ve had similar stats. I’ve sent Campbell on loan to a few teams and he’s scored goals for them, especially Celtic in the Champions League. Worked out well for me when he was scoring goals for us like nothing in the Champions League too. Mullin was alright for Blackburn and Manchester United but in his first full season, he was on fire. 30 goals, 32 the next, and ok only 24 this time but once again he was top goalscorer in the English League (and tied for the top in the Champions League too with 11).

And to think I’ve got a brilliant Argentine re-gen, Gabriel Romeo, having a brilliant season himself at Fiorentina scoring 29 goals in 37 league games, next season should be fun! And Villar is still going to get better and we’ve got two English re-gens with 4.5 star ratings in the under-18 team. Looks like there are more trophies to come for this Newcastle team. Here’s how we progressed to the Champions League glory!

ECL Champs

Also for next season, it looks like we could break not one but two long standing Newcastle United records in two seasons time. The most league goals for club record is held by the legend Jackie Milburn has the record of 177 league goals. My new legend, Mullin, has 106 goals right now. Two more 30+ goals a season and he’ll overtake that record easily. As for the most league appearance for club, that record is held by Jimmy Lawrence with 431 games. My goalkeeper Tim Krul is on 390 league starts for us.

And since I took over, he’s started EVERY league game. Which is, 8 seasons x 38 games = All 304 leagues games I’ve been in charge, Krul has been in between the posts. Doing the maths, if Krul starts all league games next season, which he should unless he gets injured, he’ll end next season with 428 league games, just three shy of the record. So both records could be broken in my 10th season in charge of Newcastle, nice timing there haha!

So after my eight season in charge of Newcastle United, what have we won all this time?

  • x6 English Premier League (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2021)
  • x1 Champions League (2021)
  • x1 UEFA Cup (2018)
  • x1 European Super Cup (2018) – possibly a second if we win our match vs the UEFA champions Arsenal next season
  • x1 English FA Cup (2018)
  • x2 Captial One Cup (2014, 2017)
  • x3 English Community Shield (2014, 2015, 2016)

Hopefully more to come in the next few seasons!

Also, this was the season when Bolton Wanderers, formerly in the Premier League for a good 10+ years or so, fell out of the English League 2 tier which means they’re no longer part of the Football League. That’s a damn shame. They were relegated from the EPL in 2012. Then in my game, they spent 7 seasons in the Championships before getting relegated in 2019. The next season? Relegated from League 1. And the season after that which was this season? Relegated from League 2. Three consecutive relegations, not cool. With the points they had, they would have stayed up but because they entered admission, they were docked 10 points. How many points did they miss the cut by? 2 points. How cruel is that. Good luck to them getting back up. I offered them to be my feeder team but they didn’t want it, they were happy with Liverpool. Haha, as if they’ll help them out.