10,000 Days

I got bored doing my accounting work so I started….well….counting. But for other less important things. For some reason I got curious as to how old I was days wise. Turns out today is my 9,523rd day in this wonderful world of ours. And doing more counting, because I’m really bored, I’ll be 10,000 days old on June 17th 2017. Oh dang, if only it was another month, that would have been perfect with all 7’s (it’s my favourite number after all).

So to anyone who is/almost 27, we’re reaching that 10,000 day mark soon.

And yes, I am bored out of my damn mind!

About KashMann27

Sometimes quiet, sometimes talkative, you might not hear much from me, but if I feel the need to speak, you will hear about it. My opinions are that of my own…so it’s not always the right view then haha! Now 25 years young and still stuck in the little island country known as Singapore. Anything that is motoracing, wrestling or soccer related, and you can expect to hear from me about it. If not, then well anything goes! Well…almost anything.

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