Random idea for greatest WWE advert. Yes I’m bored.

So yeah I’m bored. Can’t be arsed to continue with my revision at the moment so I might as well just have fun with this.


I had this fun little idea about the greatest WWE advertisement/promotion that has never happened. Think about it, we have New Day’s Booty O’s (real cereal) but you’ll need a drink for it too. Not just any drink and it’s also not just any gift. It’s the Gift of Jericho. DRINK IT IN MAAANNN.


It’ll start out with New Day talking about some nonsense random stuff (as they usually do, but it’s always funny), Chris Jericho comes in to interrupt them and of course calls them stupid idiots. They argue a bit and Jericho tells them to watch “it”. (Yes, he’s made a two worded letter a thing now, he’s that good). What is it? It….is the Gift of Jericho. DRINK IT MAAANNNNN. Yes I said it again. Just drink it in. 😛


They argue about who has the best WWE merch right now, Booty O’s or the Gift of Jericho but then someone interrupts and HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! Of course he thinks he’s got the best merch, his own stuff. (How do we know, we can’t see him anyways). New Day and Jericho aren’t happy about Cena interrupting them but then comes The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) and they tell the rest not to worry, because they’re going to do their favourite thing in the world. Eat some Booty O’s maybe, drink in the Gift of Jericho and then….BEAT UP JOHN CENA.


And that starts a fight between everyone! Well it’s close to January so it’s the Royal Rumble season! And for the ending part we’ll see DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) sneak up from behind to try both stuff from early on. They liked it so much that they start to hear that familar song…and it’s Bobby Roode behind them. And yes, there is an impromptu Glorious Bomb from those three to end that skit. Not a bad way to use their best stuff from 2016 eh?


Yup I’m just really bored and got this idea from talking to my brother  number of months ago during one of our usual WWE improve nonsense bits because come on, who doesn’t like imitating these guys anyways? 😀


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