PTCG more firsts: League Challenge and Booster Box

So I tried a league challenge for the first time last week, that was fun…well….sort of…

It’s like the usual tournaments, swiss round style but instead of the usual one match, we get a best of three series for the five rounds. Once again I used my Gengar deck but now with a few additions since Sun & Moon is now legal so I added Espeon GX (+one Eevee) and also Tauros GX to be my back-up attacker. First mistake was adding Ninja boy because well, I didn’t really have anyone to change swap with Tauros anyway.


Before the event: vs Lurantis GX/Eeveeloutions


I had a few matches with this one guy who had a Lurantis GX deck and I thought I was in trouble. Luckily I knocked Jolteon with Trevenant which ruined his plan to use Rough Seas to heal his other Stage 1 pokemons, which is not what I wanted with the idea of my deck (aka putting damage counters on as many people as possible). Trevenant did enough damage to hurt two Lurantis but was killed by the GX move. In came Gengar for the Creep Show kill. Fomantis came in and I brought in Mewtwo to kill him off before Gengar came back in to kill the other Lurantis.


First round: 2-0 vs Solgaleo GX/M Mewtwo EX


The good thing for me is that Mewtwo has a weakness to psychic type so I had that going for me. Trevenant was my MVP in this match, killing off the Mewtwo EXes and Mega Mewtwo EX in both matches to get me the win. Gengar only had to show up once during these two matches.


Second round: 1-2 vs Umbreon GX


Not the match I wanted. Umbreon is a dark type, my main attackers are weak to Dark type. But in saying that, I somehow managed to win the first match. Espeon’s GX move really saved me in this one. I divided the damage counter around his bench and it was enough for Gengar to pick up the pieces and kill two Umbreons for the win. The next two matches were a cakewalk for my opponent.


Third round: 0-2 vs Solgaleo GX/Lunala GX/Mewtwo EX


The first match was a really close fight, I thought I had my opponent beat. Espeon GX did it’s GX move and with the help of two Lysandres, Gengar came in to kill off Solgaleo and Mewtwo to help me pick up four prizes. At this point, I was 5-1  on prize count and I was getting ready to win the game when my opponent played N and it killed me. My hand was wiped out and by this point, my opponent and caught on to what I was doing. I couldn’t close off that match.

The second was a real pain. I had only Tauros GX to use and sure, I knocked out two Cosmog (Nebby for the rest of us) but it was too much, he had a Mewtwo ready to kill me with the help of Lunala’s and Solgaleo’s abilities.


Fourth round: 0-2 vs Raticate Break/Ariados


I won’t talk much about this match, it was painful. Two easy wins for my opponent. He was using his deck so quickly, effectively and decisively, I had no answer for him. I couldn’t get any of my evolved pokemons ready in time.


Fifth round: Free win


So by the end of the last round, my opponent was tired and gave the win to me so that kinda sucked. Sure I got a free win but I came all the way there to play matches so it was really frustrating just watching everyone play matches and I’m the only one sitting it out. Yes, I said everyone, somehow my opponent wasn’t tired for a friendly match with someone else. Not cool.


So after all of that, I ended up with just 6 points with a record of 2-3-0. (2 wins, 3 losses, no draws). Not bad considering my deck is not in the same league as all the pro players who were there, I was expecting to lose all of my matches to be fair so to get one win was nice. Then again, I’m just there for the fun of playing the game so yeah having to sit out one match really sucked.



Oh and I finally got my first booster box and yes it’s the controversial Sun and Moon box. If you’ve not heard, these boxes are apparently mapped for Sun and Moon for whatever stupid reason. Which means the moment you get a holo/GX card, the next two booster packs are rubbish packs and then the third is another good one and repeat the process for each side of the box.


It was actually pretty fun opening up all 36 packs in one go and I made it fun for myself but mixing everything up, sorting them up according to their pack arts so I didn’t know which one would show up when. I got some really good ones. Ended up getting both Solgaleo and Lunala GXes so that was nice, I can start building a deck around them soon. Didn’t get the Decidueye GX I wanted. I got the Umbreon full art and the Lapras rainbow rare card which was so freaking cool. It was so shiny! And I got the Illima full art trainer card too haha, not the Lille I wanted. As for holos, I got 5 of the better ones so that was nice. More importantly, I got the Crobat holo I wanted! Because Crobats are cool.


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