My little (nasty) April Fool’s prank

So I kinda pulled an april’s fool joke, something I don’t ever do because it is way too obvious on this day. And I do lkke a good prank any day. 

So Coldplay had a gig tonight and my friend was hoping for someone to help him record one song. So I told my friend I was going to see Coldplay’s concert. He was pretty happy about this.

So after a while I told him if he had checked the date. Boom! Nope I’m not going. Not heard from him since too haha. Don’t know if it counts as a prank or not but I’m taking it!

About KashMann27

Sometimes quiet, sometimes talkative, you might not hear much from me, but if I feel the need to speak, you will hear about it. My opinions are that of my own…so it’s not always the right view then haha! Now 25 years young and still stuck in the little island country known as Singapore. Anything that is motoracing, wrestling or soccer related, and you can expect to hear from me about it. If not, then well anything goes! Well…almost anything.

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