PTCG: Looking back at 2017-18 Season (International and Local)

The new rotation is underway which means everything changes. Gone are staple cards like Prof Sycamore, N, Float Stone and Octillery and in comes Tate & Liza, Copycat, Escape Board and Magcargo to potentially take their place? But before moving on to the new format, I’ll look back at the previous format with some fun (potentially useless) stats for those who might be interested.


I’ve actually been keeping track of how all of my league games have been going just to see what match-ups were good and what decks were doing well and who was doing well.


Later on I started to keep up with what was going on internationally and wanted to make a system to tell by numbers what was the best deck at that time and I did this idea of scoring points for decks in SPEs, Regionals, Internationals and Worlds. (10 points for 1st, 6p for 2nd, 3p for 3rd & 4th and 1p for 5th to 8th). There wasn’t much info for the first quarter.

PTCG Stat Q2

The 2nd quarter of the year sees Crimson Invasion in play and with that the introduction of Buzzwole-GX who made the biggest impact in the meta, scoring the most points from the big events, just 2 ahead of the old favourite Zoroark-Golisopod (which had the most tournament wins in this quarter). But on average points, it was Zoroak-Gardevoir with 6.5 points thanks to it’s strong showing at the Oceania Internationals late on in this quarter.


PTCG Stat Q3

The same two decks dominated in the third quarter, this time Buzzwole/Lycanroc was ahead on points by almost double of what the next deck had and scoring 9 tournament wins out of the 21 recorded by the good folks at Limitless. Ignoring the one-time win for Lucario-Lycanroc in it’s one an only top 8 appearance and Zoroark-Weavile scoring most of it’s points in the first event with a mirror match in the final, Volcanion had a strong showing for those who had 5 or more top 8 finishes.

PTCG Stat Q4

The emergence of Malamar decks in the 4th quarter didn’t stop Buzzwole/Lycanroc from topping the most points chart again but it was much closer with Psychic/Malamar taking over 2nd spot from Zoroark/Garbodor. Interestingly enough, Zygarde/Lycanroc had the best average for decks that had at least more than 5 top 8 finishes, mainly thanks to our local player Klive who did well at Malaysia Regional, Singapore SPE and the World Championship, top 3 in all 3 of those events.

And what did it look like overall? (Including some events from Q1, only counting those decks that had a final appearance in tournaments).

PTCG Stat Total

Yup no surprises there that Buzzwole/Lycanroc was the deck scoring the most points. It was easily the most popular deck for most of the season and winning most of the time too, locally and internationally. But of course, Zygarde/Lycanroc had the best average score again (of those with at least 5 top 8 finishes again to be fair). The deck is good, I should know having been Klive’s and Rauf’s test dummies in it’s early stages.


And yup I do have some stats for events that happened locally too.

PTCG SG Top Decks

Surprise! It’s not Buzzwole/Lycanroc at the top this time. Zoroark/Golisopod was easily the most popular deck here in Singapore during the previous format and yes I too did give it a go (not as good as others as you’ll see later). But the bigger surprise is seeing Tapu Bulu/Vikavolt in 2nd. Maybe a surprise to many others but not to me here and it’s a popular deck in this region, and it was for the most part of the season my most successful deck too. Of course Zygarde/Lycanroc is up there alright despite only showing up in the last quarter. I covered only the top 12 decks to save space.


And now for the players, some you may have heard before but most you probably don’t unless you’re from around here.

PTCG SG Player Wins

And from our weekly league games and league challenges, here’s how most of us did on points (of those of us who were in at least 6 league games and for the record I didn’t record down everything, just working with whatever I managed to get. Also I didn’t always attend, I skipped most of December, early January, May and August due to holidays and exams).

PTCG SG Top Points

The top 5 with the best winning % was Alex, Bertrand, Rauf, Jun Hao and Titally. As for the top 5 with the best points average, it was Alex (again), Rauf, Titally, Klive and Daniel. Looking at the win records and I guess you can tell who are our best players here in Singapore if you add things up from this last season. But then again, some of the best players I know never always had the best results so it still doesn’t really show who truly were the best players in our little island.


And now for my own personal stats. First of all these are decks I used all season, including Special Events and League Cups to go with the others.

Kash Pokemon 2017-18 Best Decks

VikaBulu was the deck that gave me the most wins this past season. It took me a while to play this deck but once I did it quickly became my favourite deck. Ultra Necrozma/Malamar was another that became a favourite of mine after trying it a few times. Volcanion became a late favourite in the last few weeks, I wish I had played it more during the season. As you can tell from the decks I play, most of them are what you would call energy acceleration decks, those suit my playstyle. And of course the Zoroark variants which was quite easy to play to be fair.


Zygarde/Lycanroc was my most succesful deck wins rate wise as I only lost once in 9 matches with it. I learned from the best (Rauf and Klive) and it also became one of my new favourite decks. In fact it’s one of the first decks I tested out post rotation. Of and if you notice, no signs for Buzzwole/Lycanroc, Zoroark/Garbodor, Zoroark/Oranguru and any mill/wall decks. Didn’t have any interest in playing the so-called best decks in the format and I hate mill/wall decks with a passion that I would never ever consider them.


And there we go, some pointless but interesting stats for the past season in Pokemon TCG. If you read it all, thanks and I apologise if it wasn’t all that interesting.

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