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Royal Rumble 2018: Best one yet?

I’m just going to say it right now, the 2018 Royal Rumble PPV might be one of the better PPVs WWE have done in a long while. Everyting was done almost perfectly, albeit with a few dodgy timing and the ending which didn’t really fancy me at all.


I had feared one of the Royal Rumble matches (yes there’s two now, a males and females one) might open the show so I can’t say I’m not disappointed that the WWE title match opened it. The finish with Styles pinning the wrong guy should continue on with Owens/Zayn issue with the authority so I’m not upset by that.


The Usos winning 2-0 was a bit of a surprise to me, that usually never happens in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Up to the first fall, the match was amazing but then it finished rather quickly. I wasn’t up for the RAW tag title match, too tired after the first Rumble but not surprised that The Bar won. Jason Jordan will turn heel eventually. Usually I’m not a fan of Lesnar matches but the triple threat was not bad at all.


And now time for the 2017 Royal Rumble match! The gents one first.

#1 Rusev – RUSEV DAY! RUSEV DAY! RUSEV DAY. If this doesn’t prove he’s not over, I don’t know what else the poor guy can do. He’s now got the fans on his side. He did alright in this one too even if he didn’t eliminate one guy.

#2 Finn Balor – The ironman of this Rumble. He was in there for 57 minutes, not bad for his first Rumble. And Finn got the most eliminations of anyone with 4, three of which were big ones.

#3 Rhyno – Let’s be honest, he’s just there for the ECW fans in Philly.

#4 Baron Corbin – HAHA! He got eliminated in one minute! Never been a fan of his anyway.

#5 Heath Slater – Poor Heath got hit by entrants 6 to 11 while they were making their way into the ring. Sure did give us some funny moments and eliminated Sheamus in 2 seconds.

#6 Elias – GO ELIAS! He did get a pop when the guitar sounded, I’ve been a fan of the guy since his NXT days and I’m happy to know that the fans are starting to see the greatness in him that I’ve known in a long while. Plus did I mentioned he plays the guitar? Him entering when no-one was up made sense so he could give us a song.

#7 Andrade Cien Almas – As putting on what could be the best match of the year the day before, the NXT Champion Almas makes a surprise entrance in the Rumble. Almost 30 minutes in there, good showing for him. Outsmarted New Day when eliminating Kofi so that gave me a good laugh.

#8 Bray Wyatt – Didn’t really do much in this Rumble, was just there to continue his story with Woken Matt Hardy so it does confuses me why their entries weren’t near each other.

#9 Big E – Surprised he was the first New Day member out. Gave Heath some pancakes and helped Kofi got back into the ring.

#10 Sami Zayn – Well actually it was supposed to be Tye Dillinger but he got beat up by Owens and Zayn. Zayn got thrown out by Nakamura so look for a story there.

#11 Sheamus – HAHA. He got eliminated by Heath Slater in 2 seconds. TWO FREAKING SECONDS!

#12 Xavier Woods – Once again just there to help out Kofi Kingston. The first spot of saving Kofi was quite clever on his part.

#13 Apollo Crews – Did nothing in this match. This spot could have been given to an NXT guy or a surprise entrant like a returning face.

#14 Shinsuke Nakamura – My pick to win the whole thing and he did win the Royal Rumble! The first guy to win from entries 8-18 in a 30 man Rumble match. Threw out Cena and Reigns for the win, need I say more?

#15 Cesaro – Threw out Crews and then eliminated by Rollins in 5 minutes. Then again he had a match later on.

#16 Kofi Kingston – Yup he saved himself again. Finally someone hopped on one foot outside the ring, I’ve always wondered if anyone would be smart enough to do that and someone finally did. The spot where he got a cheerleader style jump from his New Days brothers was pretty cool.

#17 Jinder Mahal – The former WWE Champion only lasted 3 minutes but he did throw out 2 guys so even if WWE try to make him look bad, he still did alright.

#18 Seth Rollins – A little surprised he showed up during the jobber spots of the teens spot but then again he also had a match later on. Got thrown out by his own Shield brother Roman Reigns.

#19 Woken Matt Hardy – Came in to DELETE Bray Wyatt’s chance of making it to Wrestlemania. Him working with Bray for a bit was DELIGHTFUL. But then it was OVAH.

#20 John Cena – Big match John came, threw 3 guys and got eliminated by the eventual winner. Not much to say. Came in a bit earlier than I expected.

#21 The Hurricane – Hey an actual surprise entrant! Too bad he got eliminated by Cena in 20 seconds. WASSAUPWITHDAT?

#22 Aiden English – Didn’t really do much, but I guess because he’s Rusev’s partner, they might as well throw him in. And yes there were Rusev Day chants.

#23 Adam Cole – Another NXT entrant, it’s Adam Cole BAYBAY! Would have been nice if he got an elimination for his effort.

#24 Randy Orton – For a guy who’s won the Rumble two times, he really didn’t do much in this one. Came in, did a cool RKO on Almas before eliminating him and lasted up till the final 6 for the Old School vs New School face off. Got thrown out by Reigns, roll reversal of last year.

#25 Titus O’Neil – Did nothing at all, that spot could have been given to another surprise entrant.

#26 The Miz – Go Miz! But sadly he didn’t last long, Reigns got him and threw him out after 5 minutes.

#27 Rey Mysterio – Holy shit it’s Rey! Another surprise entrant and this one got me good, I didn’t think I’d see Rey in a WWE ring. He looked in fantastic shape too. Hope he’s back for another run. Lasted up to the final 6.

#28 Roman Reigns – Well at least he wasn’t #30 this time. Came in and threw out some guys. Was the final guy to get eliminated. So pretty much a typical Reigns performance in a Rumble, it’s getting boring.

#29 Goldust – A nice surprise, I wasn’t expecting to see him in it! His entry did make some history, he’s now joint 2nd with Shawn Michaels and Big Show for Royal Rumble apperances. I’m expecting him to be in the 2019 Rumble then. Kane still leads that bit.

#30 Dolph Ziggler – Why him? Of all the people they could have gotten for the 30th spot, they had to get the uninteresting copycat loser Ziggler? I mean they could have put the US Champion Bobby Roode, or a returning Bobby Lashley or Kevin Owens, or a Rumble veteran like Shelton Benjamin. Heck, I would have preferred Jason Jordan over Ziggler. Literally anyone but him. I don’t care about him, don’t care that he’s back. glad he got eliminated very quickly.


So Shinsuke Nakamura wins the men’s Royal Rumble, as I predicted at the end of last year in the hopes that it would set up the dream match of him and AJ Styles. And guess what, IT’S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!! For once I’m really looking forward to Wrestlemania.


Now for the first ever women’s Royal Rumble

#1 Sasha Banks – Not a fan of hers but she was the ironwomen in this one. Did show a side of her heel persona so maybe that’s coming soon. Her eliminating Bayley surely proves that point.

#2 Becky Lynch – Big fan but why she gotta be out so early? Was hoping she’d come out later. Lasted 30 minutes, still a good showing for the lass-kicker.

#3 Sarah Logan – That headbutt spot with Sasha Banks looked awesome. Lasted longer than I thought she would, good on her! Impressed me in this match.

#4 Mandy Rose – Made history, she was the first women eliminated in the women’s Royal Rumble.

#5 Lita – She’s back! The first of many returning faces but one of the best ever. That Moonsault looked nasty though. Got a couple of eliminations. Nice tribute on her arms for all the women who couldn’t make it.

#6 Kairi Sane – Yay Kairi! Big fan of hers. The winner of the first Mae Young classic, got in her amazing elbow drop twice but sadly got eliminated quickly. Should have been in the match longer.

#7 Tamina – Didn’t really do much, would have prefered another NXT girl to take her spot.

#8 Dana Brooke – Also didn’t do much (other than eliminating Kairi but I want to forget that), would have prefered an NXT girl in now that Brooke isn’t working in a wrestling role.

#9 Torrie Wilson – Another return! Wasn’t expecting her to come back.

#10 Sonya Deville – The badass from Absoultion, should have given her some more eliminations in the match. Been impressed with her lately. I will say Paige’s theme kinda suits her.

#11 Liv Morgan – Wasn’t as impressive as her Riott Squad member Logan

#12 Molly Holly – Yay Molly is back! Still looks as good in the ring as she ever did, very appropriate surprise entrant for the first women’s Royal Rumble.

#13 Lana – Well it’s Mrs Rusev so more Rusev Day chants. Can’t say much to be fair.

#14 Michelle McCool – Another appropriate return and the most impressive of those whoe returned. Got the most eliminations of anyone in this match with 5 eliminations. Mrs Undertaker sure still has it.

#15 Ruby Riott – Eliminated Becky so expected to see a new rivalry there. Did alright in this match but I would have put her in a later entry.

#16 Vickie Guerrero – EXCUSE ME! Good to see her back, did the comedy elimination for the match, can’t say much.

#17 Carmella – Not one elimination but lasted 17 minutes. Her screams when almost getting eliminated sure was funny.

#18 Natalya – Way earlier than I thought she should have showed up. Did throw out her best friend Beth and Michelle so two big eliminations there.

#19 Kelly Kelly – Well she still looks good! Good to see her again.

#20 Naomi – Another one who I thought came in earlier than I expected. She did the Kofi Kingston save spot by walking the guardrail and using a chair to save herself. Nice one!

#21 Jacqueline – Another surprise entrant. Seems to me whoever was at Raw was pretty much included in this match.

#22 Nia Jax – Wrecked house the moment she showed up, not surprised it took 6 girls to get her out but she sure was one of the stars in that match.

#23 Ember Moon – The second NXT entrant in the match, and it’s the NXT Women’s champion. Got a cool spot in with her old rival Asuka.

#24 Beth Phoenix – The only person to be in the male’s and female’s royal rumble now. Only got to show a bit of her strength against Nia before being backstabbed by her friend Natalya. Should have been in longer.

#25 Asuka – The unbeaten one. Perhaps the most dangerous superstar in WWE today, male or female. All three of her eliminations were huge. Glad they went with her to win the first ever women’s Royal Rumble, no-one looked to be in her league the whole time.

#26 Mickie James – Woohoo go Mickie! Like Beth, they didn’t let her do much which is sad. But she did get a cool staredown with old rival Trish that got a reaction from the crowd.

#27 Nikki Bella – Oh god she’s back. Not a fan of hers. Overrated. Mrs John Cena so do I need to say more? I mean she was the last one eliminated. Really, of all the girls, her? Also, her elimination of her sister is one of the stupidest thing I’ve seen, you’ve got an advantage over Asuka and not use it? Dummy.

#28 Brie Bella – Actually surprised to see Brie back. Too bad her sister was a dummy.

#29 Bayley – I’ll be honest, I’d rather see her early on in the match.

#30 Trish Stratus – How appropriate that the last entrant is perhaps the biggest femal superstar in WWE history. Thank god for Trish, at least it’s not Ronda Rousey. Trish still looks good in the ring!


Glad to see Asuka win the first ever women’s Royal Rumble but yeah still bitter than Ronda Rousey stole her spotlight after the match. No need for that. Asuka would beat Ronda easily in a match anyway. So yeah, the two winners of the Rumble were two Japanese, how about that? Things sure are changing in WWE and for the better.

My favourite top 10 RAW moments

Monday Night RAW is about to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary and it’s still my favourite show on TV, it was when I first watched it as a 5 year old kid and it still is as a 28 year old dude. There’s nothing quite like it, it’s sports and entertainment all in one, soap opera, drama, fights and comedy skits all rolled into one amazing show. I’ve got to watch a lot the top RAW moments since it was on air and since we’re celebrating it’s 25th anniversary today, I thought I’d share my favourite moments of WWE’s flagship show.


#10 – Shawn Michaels vs John Cena

I’ll start with perhaps the greatest match on RAW. It was a 50+ minute match in London between one of my all time favourites, Shawn Michaels against John Cena, someone I’m not that fond of but these two made one hell of a show during their match. It shows how good Cena really is and how amazing HBK had always been in the ring.


#9 – D-X mocks The Nation

Well Degeneration-X sure made me laugh during their run in WWE and I didn’t know which one to pick. The original duo of Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Hemsley had a lot of funny moments (most of which involving Sgt Slaughter) and also the second version of the group invading WCW but them mocking the Nation of Domination has to be my favourite. It was just too damn funny.


#8 – Bret Hart vs Steve Austin in a Street Fight

I’m a huge Bret Hart fan and while he was awesome as the hero, I was also a huge fan of him during his heel run. He somehow managed to make the American crowd look like the bad guys and I kinda agreed with the things Bret was saying about America, most of which were true even in today’s time. It was pure gold. Steve Austin was the perfect anti-hero and he did grow on me because of his fueds with Hart and Michaels but this bit was brilliantly done.


#7 – The Rock meets The Hurricane

I can bet you this wouldn’t be in anyone’s top 10 but it sure is in my list. The 3 promos and the match these guys had were just too good, it made me a fan of the Rock who I wasn’t that fond of at first. And I always liked the Hurricane who could do the comedic bits but also put in some good matches. Their promos are easily one of my all time favourite things I’ve seen on RAW, one of the best comedic bits in my view.


#6 – The Festival of Friendship

I would love to put this entry on this list (no pun intended) as Chris Jericho’s entire run from middle of 2016 to April of 2017. For a while there was nothing good on RAW until Chris Jericho showed up again and he had possibly the best run of his career. Not only was he still good in the ring but he was easily the best guy on the microphone. Every night was a highlight from Jericho and everything he did was pure gold. “The Gift of JerichoDRINK IT IN MAAAANNNN“! “You’re gonna get….IT“. “Stupid idiots“. “The List of Jericho“. “You just made the List!”


Chris Jericho is easily one of my all time favourite wrestlers and the fact that he’s still going today makes me happy. He just keeps getting better and better. But this promo for the Festival of Friendship was pure gold too, the moment Jericho lifts up the new list just as he asked Kevin Owens, “why is my name on this?”, that is one of the best dramatic moments you’ll ever see in any TV show.


#5 – Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match for the WWE Championship

Although I did say Michaels vs Cena was the best match I’ve seen on RAW, this ladder match between the Undertaker and Jeff Hardy may be my favourite I’ve seen on RAW. It was the age old story of David vs Goliath, the biggest dog versus the ultimate underdog. The whole match was amazing, seeing Jeff trying to find a way to beat the evil Deadman Inc. who kept trying to shut him down. Also, this version of Biker Undertaker was my favourite.


#4 – CM Punk’s Pipebomb

So let me get this straight, I was already a CM Punk guy before this promo happened. I jumped on the bandwagon during his amazing yet underappreciated run with the Straightedge Society. Finally there was something who I could look up to because he believed in the same things I did, live our lives the right way with no alcohol, no drugs and no smoking. Since then I was a fan of his.


And then he did this. He spoke from the heart of about many things, from his run to being snubbed for part timers and guys who were not getting their dues. He was speaking out for us real fans about the things that were hurting WWE. It was one of those moments where I really did think….did he go off-script here? One of the best promos you’ll ever see in WWE.


#3 – Chris Jericho’s Debut

So during this time in 1999, I wasn’t that interested in WWF. Bret Hart was gone and Shawn Michaels had retired so I didn’t really have anyone to cheer on for. I did watch WCW too during that time, and I had become a fan of this Canadian fella called Chris Jericho. Suddenly he wasn’t on TV too. So imagine my surprise when he finally showed up on WWF. Finally I had someone to cheer on for in WWF again. One of the best debuts in all of WWE.


#2 – Bret Hart shoves Vince McMahon

People had always wondered when did the Attitude Era really start and for me it’s quite obvious, at this very moment. All of a sudden a good guy in Bret Hart starts swearing like crazy and pushing THE authority guy in Vince McMahon. I had never seen anything like that before and it shocked me. This was the start of Bret’s great heel run and he sure was speaking the truth of what was going on. This was brilliantly done.


#1 – Shawn Michaels owns Montreal

How can not put this as #1? I’m a Bret Hart guy and I was also a Shawn Michaels guy but this was just absolutely fantastic. The best promo work I’ve ever seen by anyone in any wrestling company. It does help that it was done by Shawn Michaels in a rare heel run and RAW being in Montreal, the place of the controversial Survivor Series match. But the way HBK played the crowd from singing their anthem, making fun of them, teasing a Bret Hart return, and then teasing a Hulk Hogan run-in and refuse to leave when the fans wanted him to go. You’ll never hear anyone get booed out of the building like this. Even the Bret Hart pop was one of the loudest I ever heard. The was easily the best thing I’ve seen on RAW. Well played Shawn Michaels. And that’s why they call him the Heartbreak Kid. The Showstopper. The Icon.


Here’s to RAW for 25 great years and more to come. I hope I’m still watching RAW when it comes to it’s 50th anniversary. There’s a good chance I will.

WWE Live in Singapore (Jun 28 2017) – Another good show

Wow how about that? After just 2 years since the last time WWE came to Singapore, they’re back in our little sunny island! Woohoo! And of course that means I’ve got another WWE Live event to watch. This being my sixth WWE event and the third one at the National Stadium in Singapore. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge wrestling fan.


But for once I got to see the WWE guys and gals up close for once. I had to go to Bedok to pick something up so I thougth why not just head down to Changi Airport too since they’ll be there around the same time. Apart from Booker T, Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler, I’ve never seen these guys in the flesh outside a wrestling ring or arena before. Of course I knew not to distrub them, after all they’ve had a 20+ flight over and I know how that feels like.


But it was really cool to see how these guys actually are in the real world. I mean I’d never know that Maryse and Alexa are pals and Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns are buddies too. Even though most of them were tired some were still very friendly and saying hi to us fans, guys like Seth, Heath, Bray, Samoa Joe, Titus, Emma and Nia to name a few. Emma was nice enough to even let me take a picture with her! She probably had no idea I was a huge fan of hers, she and Alexa are my two favourite female stars in WWE today. I gotta support my Aussie peeps!





I got there maybe an hour early just to relax and wait for the show. They started it off with the RAW opening video which I thought was pretty cool. And to make things better, they started the show with Chris Jericho vs Hideo Itami. Yes, I’m a huge Jericho fan and I wore my Jericho shirt for this event so it was cool to see him here in Singapore. He was working as a heel and yes, I refused to boo him. I can never do that even though he was so good at being that heel you wanted to hate. It was cool to see a first time ever match in Jericho vs Itami and it was a good match with some comedic bits in there. Of course Itami won, after all, it was the Gift of Jericho. DRINK IT IN MAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!



Titus O’Neil vs Bo Dallas was the next match and it was a short match but Titus Brand…or more like Titus Worldwide now got it’s first international win. RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro vs Heath Slater & Rhyno was the third match and of course the champs retianed their titles. I have to say, I’m really digging Sheasaro as a tag-team now, you’d never know that they were only a tag team from last year with how well they’ve been working with each other lately. Shame we didn’t get to see the Hardy Boyz in Singapore.


Between the third and fourth match, Enzo Amore & Big Cass had a little promo segment which was almost a rip off of what they did a few nights ago for Monday Night Raw. I will say I do like Big Cass as a heel, he did alright on the mic that day. Then came the fourth match and for me the best match of the night, The Miz & Samoa Joe vs Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins. You heard me right, Miz and Samoa Joe in a team! I’d never though I’d see that. And also a mini-Shield reunion with Ambrose & Rollins. I’m not afraid to say I’m a fan of the Miz and he really showed how good he was in that match. He entertained me and did good in the ring. He knew how to make the fans hate him and have a good laugh at him. At one point Rollins called Miz a chicken and us fans started a KFC chant at Miz. Everytime he got in to the match after that, he got the “KFC!” chants at him. It was really funny, it’s called sports entertainment after all right? I will say this, we need to see The Miz and Rollins in a fued together, it could be really fun to watch. Ambrose picked up the win.



After the transmission break it was the six women tag match Nia Jax, Emma & RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss vs Bayley, Sasha Bank & NXT Women’s Champion Asuka. It was cool to see the RAW and NXT women’s champions square off in the same ring for once. Asuka got the win for her team. The sixth match was Finn Balor vs Karl Anderson with Luke Gallows. Yup, the Bullet Club brothers were up against each other. I still hope these guys will be in a group together and not be fighting each other. Balor got the win.


The main event was Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns. Of course I was cheering on Bray Wyatt because I actually like him, he reminds of the old Undertaker back in the day. I wish WWE would do a better job with him though, they’re really wasting a good talent like him yet Reigns keeps getting a push and I’m not a fan of his. I don’t see anything in him, just a big guy, that’s all. Of course Reigns won. But it still was a good time, it’s always fun to watch wrestling live, cheer on your favourites, boo the ones you don’t like and make up some funny chant like KFC. Wrestling is great, isn’t it?



Royal Rumble 2017: It was going so well…

So the 2017 Royal Rumble PPV is done and I thought it was one of the better PPVs I’ve seen from WWE in a while, as I said it could be. The four championship matches before the Royal Rumble match was really good, even a possible match of the year in one of them and the Rumble was going alright too…..until #30 showed up and almost ruined the whole damn thing…

Not much to say about the 3 pre-show matches other than congrats to the good brothers Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows on winning the WWE Raw Tag Team championships. Naomi pinning Alexa was a surprise as was Nia Jax beating Sasha in quick fashion.

Now onto the main PPV show. Charlotte beating Bayley was no surprise, she’s up to 16-0 in PPVs. Kevin Owens is still the Universal Champion, thanks to….Braun Strowman? Yup I don’t get it but hey at least it’s not Roman Reigns winning. That match was pretty good, the frog splash onto the table and the chair spot was top stuff. Chris Jericho didn’t have to do anything in this one. I still think he shouldn’t be in a freaking shark cage, he’s Chris Jericho damn it!

Neville is the new Cruiserweight champion, thank goodness for that. He’s been on fire since returning, in the ring and on the mic too for once. I’m just glad everyone is finally getting to see what I’ve known all along. You lot may jump aboard the Neville bandwagon.


AJ Styles vs John Cena could already be match of the year, it was seriously good. Kudos to the both of them for putting on a classic. Me being a Styles fan, I’m not happy about the ending. Also, surely they could have saved that historic 16th title reign for Cena on a WrestleMania right? I mean he might end up having a two week title reign with Elimination Chamber coming up real soon.

And now time for the 2017 Royal Rumble match!

#1: Big Cass – I called it! I said he’d be #1 or #2 just so he and Enzo can have their little shtick at the start of any of their matches.

#2 Chris Jericho – WHAT? Why is Jericho out so early? Then again, if anyone could last the distance, Y2J is the guy who can do just that. He had the perfect game plan too, picking his spot and taking a break when he needed. As I said, I wanted him to win this and for him to be eliminated by “that guy” really pissed me off. At least he was in the final 4 and lasted 1 hour and 13 seconds, which I believe puts him 3rd in the all time list for the longest appearance in a Rumble.

He does now have the record for the longest time spent in cumulative Rumble appearances, well over 5 hours in 10 matches! His only elimination was that of Sheamus and Cesaro, but a really good one at that too. I did like his tactic of saving energy outside the ring a few times. He’s a smart man people.

#3 Kalisto – Meh. The last two Rumbles saw a surprise entrant in this spot. It would have been nice to see someone like a Pete Dunne or Trent Seven from the UK tournament make a surprise appearance in the Rumble match in this spot.

#4 Mojo Rawley – Not a fan of the guy but I can’t complain about this one, he did earn his spot by winning a battle royal.

#5 Jack Gallagher – Woohoo! Go Jacky boy! I did say a 205 Live guy would show up and Gallagher was my first choice, I’m glad they did go with him. He had some nice spots with William the third. Shame he was the first one eliminated and was there mainly for the comedic relief. I’d love to see him in a match against Chris Jericho someday in the future.

#6 Mark Henry – WHAT? I wasn’t expecting to see him, not sure if you can call him a surprise entrant. At least he had a better showing than last year and if this was to be his last Rumble, at least it was in his home state of Texas.

#7 Braun Strowman – One of the big favourites is in very early! I did not want to see him win the Rumble so at least I knew it wouldn’t happen with his early entrance. He was on fire in that match, had the most eliminations with 7. I was half expecting Reigns to come out and get him eliminated so imagine my shock when I saw him eliminated by Baron Corbin. Even bigger shock, I had to see it on a reply as the network froze during Corbin’s entrance so I had no idea what happened to him and #10 initially.

#8 Sami Zayn – Ok well this one was no secret since we already knew he drew #8 from the tumbler scene with Ambrose. Don’t ruin the surprise for us please. He had a great showing, lasted a long while and well, he took a jackhammer from Goldberg and got eliminated by The Undertaker. Not many people can say that.

#9 Big Show – I called it! I knew he’s showed up once Braun showed up. He was in there only to make Braun look good, as did Henry.

#10 Tye Dillinger – HAHA THEY ACTUALLY DID IT! The Perfect 10 coming in as entrant #10. At least for once WWE did listen to the fans. He did alright in there, and like Strowman I didn’t see his elimination. I wonder if this means he’ll be in the main roster now or still be sticking around in NXT.

#11 James Ellsworth – Errr….okay? I kinda knew this would be another joke entrant. Good to see Ellsworth and Strowman back at it again…for the few seconds they were in the ring together. Ambrose bailing on him for Strowman was pretty funny, that gave me a good laugh.

#12 Dean Ambrose – Yet again I called this one. The moment I saw Ellsworth I thought, maybe Ambrose will be next. He lasted 26 minutes but didn’t really do much in this Rumble for once, did he? Can’t remember anything big he did. Lesnar eliminated him, no surprise there.

#13 Baron Corbin – Another big men in but I will say he has been impressing me little by little lately and also his elimination of Strowman did surprise me, one of the better highlights of the match.I thought he might do a bit more but yeah, just the one elimination in 32 minutes.

#14 Kofi Kingston – The first member of the New Day is in! His typical Rumble spot this year wasn’t that great if I’m honest, he jumped from the top rope, damn near impaled himself and hung on to the ring post.

#15 The Miz – He lasted a good 32 minutes in there but like a lot others, didn’t get to eliminate anyone. Seems like WWE were only allowing the big boys that honour this year.

#16 Sheamus – The first former winner of a Rumble is in. He and Cesaro had their little bit getting rid of New Day before he turned on his tag team partner, once again I called that one.

#17 Big E – Ohhhh San Antonio! This is when I noticed something funny was happening. Big E suddenly jumped up to something, the cameras moved away and back to him making his way to the ring quite quickly. Why? He, like a few big men, all took the golf kart to make their way down the long ramp inside the Alamodome. Come on guys, exercise!


#18 Rusev – What the heck is that on his face! I didn’t knew he broke his nose so he wore a face mask similar to what Cody Rhodes did during his undashing phase.

#19 Cesaro – Not surprised he was next with his partner in just a few entries before. He was involved in that bit with the New Day. At least he did give almost everyone in the ring during that time a Cesaro Swing, including his tag partner Sheamus…well almost.

#20 Xavier Woods – Not surprised he was next with his partners in just a few entries before. He was involved in that bit with the Sheamus and Cesaro. See what I did there? Yup their appearance were all linked together. Oh well. A bit too gimmicky for me.

#21 Bray Wyatt – And the lights go out! Now we’re into the business end of the Rumble starting with Wyatt. He had his best showing in a Rumble so far and he didn’t even eliminate one person. For a while I thought he might win it. He almost did. Almost.

#22 Apollo Crews – Why? He’s not done much on SmackDown anyway, didn’t do much here either. That spot could have gone to an NXT guy or a surprise entrant. What a waste.

#23 Randy Orton – Here comes trouble. Was I the only one who noticed he came out to his own theme song and not the Orton/Wyatt mix as he had for the past few months? He only had the one elimination but that was enough for him to win the match. His RKO on a flying Sami Zayn was amazing.

#24 Dolph Ziggler – Meh. I completely forgot he was in the match. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of Ziggler. Could have had an earlier spot really, give a late spot to someone who deserves it more.

#25 Luke Harper – Here comes the interesting entry for me. Will he side with his family or not. And we got our answer quickly! He almost hit Bray Wyatt with Wyatt’s own finisher! He got rid of Crews so thank you for that.

#26 Brock Lesnar – Here comes the pain! Lesnar was his usual self, being a monster and knocking everyone down before Goldberg showed up.

#27 Enzo Amore – Are you kidding me? You wasted the lucky #27 spot on a jobber? It could have gone to a Samoa Joe or any of the other two big names next. Another wasted spot on the Rumble, could have gone to a surprise entrant at least. Plus, he wasn’t supposed to be in this match right, it was all about Big Cass apparently. At least Lesnar killed him in seconds. Now imagine if it had been Samoa Joe entering in at #27 with Lesnar waiting for him in the ring. That would have been $$$.

#28 Goldberg – Now we’re talking. Goldberg and Lesnar in the same ring again and once again it did not last long, again in Goldberg’s favour. That was a huge surprise. He only lasted 3 minutes in the ring, one less than Brock so we still don’t know if he can do a proper match. He did have this cool moment with the next entrant.


#29 The Undertaker – Yes! Well that wasn’t my initial reaction, I was telling my parents Taker will be entrant #30, since he was that in 1997 and 2007. So WWE ruined my little fun there. He had that cool moment with Goldberg and got to action with some of the newer stars before some idiot eliminated him. And that idiot is…

#30 Roman Reigns – “Why? Oh for fuck sakes, why him again?” My exact reaction to see Reigns come out at #30. It could have been anyone. I was hoping to see Samoa Joe or Finn Balor or even Kurt Angle. It had to be a surprise entrant surely. I was on the edge of my seat and then Reign’s music hit. And I covered my face right away. Please not him. He’s already ruined the last two Rumbles. Thank fuck for Randy Orton. That’s all I can say.

You heard the boos from the crowd when Reigns showed up and it got louder when he eliminated Undertaker and Chris Jericho, the two big fan favourites. Why does WWE keep trying to shove Reigns down our throats. We don’t want to see him getting the push. Please stop it. He’s had his chance, give someone else that chance.

And also, why was Reigns in the Rumble and not AJ Styles? Like the crowd was chanting, “bullshit!”. Imagine if it was Styles in #30, the roof of the Alamodome would have blown off, the fans would have gone nuts, especially since he had a match just before the Rumble. If anything, Styles deserved that spot more, he came into the event a champion anyway but of course Vince McMahon’s favourite big men gets the push. I’m starting to think Vince has this unhealthy obsession of torturing and trolling the fans with bullshit decisions and have the guy he personally likes get the big push over guys who are way better like Styles.

Hell, I think I could have wrote a better Royal Rumble than that and I’m not even a professional writer, some parts were way too predictable. It’s the Royal Rumble, it’s not supposed to be predictable. And where was the surprise entrants? Apart from maybe Dillinger, there were none! There were at least 4 spots that could have gone to them but it had to go to the likes of Kalisto, Crews, Ellsworth and Amore (the last two were our joke/jobber entrants). If it was me, I would have used two of the guys from the UK tournament for that surprise factor. Would have been the best way to introduce a few new faces.

This Royal Rumble match could have so easily been one of the better ones. It had the potential but they really screwed it up big time. The final four were Reigns, Orton, Wyatt and Jericho and I can tell you Jericho and Wyatt are the two guys people really wanted to see win this one. They just couldn’t help themselves and go with the safe bet and a repeat winner (4th time in 5 years, not good at all). Why not Wyatt winning it, that would make him a huge star. Why not give Chris Jericho his long overdue Rumble win?

Also, apart from Jericho, all the eliminations were done by a big sized guy. Come on Vince, we know you love big sweaty man but this is too much. Oh yeah and the bit about the predictable entries, there was also a pattern to it, apart from Kofi’s entrance. A couple of Raw guys goes in, then a couple of SmackDown guys then Raw then Smackdown and repeat and repeat.21 to 25, Smackdown guys. 26 to 30, Raw guys. Need I say more.

We all want that Jericho-Owens match at WrestleMania. But they just had to do it, put Reigns in a position to win and have Orton end up winning. I like Orton but he’s not the guy I want to see headlining WrestleMania against John Cena of all people. If it was Orton vs Styles or Wyatt, I’d be ok with that. Come on WWE, do what you claim to do and actually listen to the fans, give us a good Rumble finish for once next year. Stop pushing Reigns. Please, just stop doing it. It’s not working. Don’t get me wrong, the Rumble match was alright, good even I’d say. The near ending of it almost completely ruined it for me. There was no need for it. Reigns didn’t need to show up or be #30 or be in the final two. Thank god Randy Orton prevented another nightmare.


Royal Rumble 2017: I can’t wait for the 30th Rumble!

Hey people, guess what? IT’S ROYAL RUMBLE WEEKEND! Woohoo! Yes I’m a huge wrestling fan and yes, the Royal Rumble as always been my favourite wrestling event. And yes, I like the Royal Rumble more than Wrestlemania, the Rumble is way better and more fun for me.

And this year’s Royal Rumble could be the biggest one yet. And before anything let’s start with the venue itself. San Antonio’s Alamodome. Sounds familiar? Yup, it’s the same venue that hosted the 1997 Royal Rumble. Some of you probably don’t know but the 97 Rumble is one of my earliest memories of watching wrestling and back then it was on a tape recorder! I remember being upset that Bret Hart got screwed out that Rumble win by Steve Austin but then became happy when Shawn Michaels won back his WWF Championship. Just for that and the memories of watching it, I’m happy that they’re back in the Alamodome.

The Alamodome isn’t the typical arena WWE usually host their event, it’s a stadium! That’s usually only for Wrestlemania events so that was cool to see them bringing the Rumble to a stadium (back to San Antonio) for the 30th anniversary. Hopefully they’ll have an easier time filling up the crowd then they did 20 years ago.

Before the Rumble event itself, WWE’s feeder series NXT will also have their own mini PPV in San Antonio and those NXT Takeover events have been great so tonight’s event should be the same. Really looking forward to NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode, that could be a really good match.

The whole 2017 Royal Rumble PPV actually looks really good, almost all of the matches are looking great, it’s got a bit of a Wrestlemania feel to it. Then again PPVs in January has always been good. Don’t believe me? Just watch New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Jan 4 annual PPV show Wrestle Kingdom. WWE will have a tough time top what they did but this might be their best shot for the whole year.

Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax

Remember I said almost all of the matches on this PPV looks great? Yeah this is that one exemption. I don’t know why but I’m just not into it. Nia has been beating up poor ol Sasha and surely she’ll come into this match less than a 100% but I can already seeing Sasha finding a way to end up winning. I’ll be surprised if Jax actually wins this.

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

I’m digging the whole Sheasaro tag team at the moment, it’s just funny seeing how they can gel into a great tag team but still can’t stand one another. Gallows and Anderson on the other hand is a proper tag team, they’ve kicked ass over in NJPW and hopefully it’s finally their time to win the tag titles in WWE.


P.S. Sheamus and Cesaro are in the Rumble and my prediction is that one will eliminate the other. Just wait for it. 😛

Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, and Naomi vs. WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, and Natalya

I’m looking forward to this match mainly to see Mickie James properly back in a WWE ring (yes she was on the last NXT Takeover in Toronto). And well, they’ve got Alexa, Mickie and Natalya in one team, that’s three of my favourite ladies in wrestling (still waiting for Emma to return, or is it Emmalina now) so I don’t need to say more. They must win!

WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann (c) vs. Neville

This could be the show-stealer right here. Anyone that knows me knows how big of a fan I am of Neville, not just because he’s from Newcastle but also because he’s one of the best wrestlers I’ve seen in the ring. Rich Swann has made a fan out of me too with what he’s done on NXT, CWC and now on RAW and 205 Live. So these two guys, if given the time, can tear the house down. And of course, hopefully the new evil Neville gets his long overdue first WWE championship title reign.


WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Bayley

This is another one that could be great. We know how good Bayley can be with the right opponent and well, Charlotte has really turned my opinion about her completely, I wasn’t a fan initially but I am now. She might be one of the best female wrestlers I’ve seen in the ring. Then again it’s in her DNA right?

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens (c) vs. Roman Reigns

I know this match will be good but I’m not really looking forward to it. For one Chris Jericho will be locked in a cage which is not right (I’m a Jericoholic btw) and second….well I’m not looking forward to seeing another Roman Reigns title reign (no pun intended). It feels like he’ll take it but for me it should be Kevin Owens. WWE just hasn’t used him right this whole time. The other reason why I really want Owens to win….well I’ll keep that for later.


WWE Champion AJ Styles (c) vs. John Cena

Do I even need to say what I want to see in this match? I’ve always been a huge fan of AJ Styles, going back to his TNA days, and he has to win this one. Yes, I know the chance of John Cena tying Ric Flair’s record of 16 world titles is there but that can wait. I mean who’s had a better 2016 than AJ Styles? Surely he has to feature prominently in this year’s Wrestlemania with how he’s been the best thing going in WWE today. We already know this will be a great match, hopefully they can one up their great match from Summerslam.

Maybe it’s just me but I still like the old tradition of having the best guys of the year headlining the big events and not some old part-timer or some guy who isn’t that good but because has the “size” or the “look” that WWE think they can make his a mega star. Please, for once give the truly great wrestlers like Styles or Owens that chance to headline the main event and show what they can do at the biggest stage in wrestling. If you want a counter to Okada-Omega from Wrestle Kingdom 11, get the best wrestlers possibly and WWE already have one in Styles. Don’t mess this up like they did with a certain CM Punk.

Oh yeah and they can’t use this rubbish excuse that Styles is not a big enough star. Who has been getting the loudest reactions week in and week out (not counting Reigns). Who has had the crowd chanting for him even though he’s a heel. Yup, AJ Styles. And now for the main event.


30-man Royal Rumble match

My favourite match in all of WWE, the 30-man over the top rope battle royal known as the Royal Rumble. We’ve always had great action, big returns, surprise entrants, amazing spots (aka the amazing ways Kofi Kingston will save himself from elimination spot), near eliminations and sometimes a mini dream match happening that we’d usually wouldn’t see. And with Raw and SmackDown now a separate brand, we’ll get to see guys in the ring that we’d normally wouldn’t see.

This year’s Rumble match might have one of the biggest rosters going in. I mean let’s just roll out some of the names. Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The New Day, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Sheamus, Rusev, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Randy Orton and that’s more than half the field already! Yes I missed out Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman, some might say two big favourites but I’m not a fan of big guys. I’m a proper wrestling fan, give me the proper wrestlers like Cesaro, Zayn, Jericho any day over those two.

It’s a damn shame Seth Rollins won’t be in the Royal Rumble match. Blame Triple H for that.

At the moment there’s already 22 names entered and let’s not forget there will be some surprise entrants. I have a feeling we might see at least 2 guys from NXT, that being Samoa Joe and maybe Tye Dillinger (imagine if he came out as entrant number 10). I hope we’ll get one or two guys from the 205 Live crew as well to give them a chance against the big boys. And hey it would be a nice surprise if WWE could bring a few guys from the UK championship tournament for the Rumble. I’d like to see Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and the UK Champion Tyler Bate have a go against the main roster guys too. And yes the surprise returns? Maybe Kurt Angle? Maybe Finn Balor? Maybe Eugene? (I’ve heard some funny rumours, let’s go with it.)

So of those 30 guys, who is going to win the big match and earn a title match at WrestleMania 33? Personally I want to see Chris Jericho win it. I mean he’s been on fire since he turned heel last year and has had some of his best moments in WWE this past year. Ok sure his in ring skills is not as good as it once was but it’s still better than 75% of the whole damn roster! And who’s better on the mic than Jericho right now? And if we’re going to have the best friends turn on each other, why not for the Universal title and at the biggest show on the main event? I’m sure that’s one of the big matches the proper wrestling fans want to see happen.

If not Jericho, who else? And I’m not saying Strowman because he’s not ready for a big match at Mania and for f’ing sakes, I don’t want to see that idiot Reigns in yet another WrestleMania main event. He’s already blown his previous chances, give it to someone more deserving. Perhaps a returning Finn Balor to re-claim the title he never lost. What about Randy Orton? He’s not been in the top spot for some while and he’s been playing second fiddle to Bray Wyatt for the last few months. Surely he’ll turn on him soon and maybe we’ll get a Orton vs Wyatt match at Mania? I’d be cool with that.

For the longest time The Undertaker was the clear favourite to win to set-up the match with John Cena but apparently that’s not happening. But why not make the real dream match, The Undertaker vs AJ Styles. The Phenom vs The Phenomenal One. Come on WWE, do it. Imagine if Samoa Joe were to win it on his WWE debut, now that’d be a huge story.

Whatever happens tomorrow night, whoever does fill up the 30-man roster and whoever the last man standing might be, I cannot wait for the 2017 Royal Rumble. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great one. I wish I was there in San Antonio for it! Happy Chinese new year to all my friends here at home and to my wrestling friends around the world, enjoy Royal Rumble weekend! Almost time for our annual 10 second countdowns! LET’S GET READY TO RUMMBBLLLEEEE!


Random idea for greatest WWE advert. Yes I’m bored.

So yeah I’m bored. Can’t be arsed to continue with my revision at the moment so I might as well just have fun with this.


I had this fun little idea about the greatest WWE advertisement/promotion that has never happened. Think about it, we have New Day’s Booty O’s (real cereal) but you’ll need a drink for it too. Not just any drink and it’s also not just any gift. It’s the Gift of Jericho. DRINK IT IN MAAANNN.


It’ll start out with New Day talking about some nonsense random stuff (as they usually do, but it’s always funny), Chris Jericho comes in to interrupt them and of course calls them stupid idiots. They argue a bit and Jericho tells them to watch “it”. (Yes, he’s made a two worded letter a thing now, he’s that good). What is it? It….is the Gift of Jericho. DRINK IT MAAANNNNN. Yes I said it again. Just drink it in. 😛


They argue about who has the best WWE merch right now, Booty O’s or the Gift of Jericho but then someone interrupts and HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA! Of course he thinks he’s got the best merch, his own stuff. (How do we know, we can’t see him anyways). New Day and Jericho aren’t happy about Cena interrupting them but then comes The Club (AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) and they tell the rest not to worry, because they’re going to do their favourite thing in the world. Eat some Booty O’s maybe, drink in the Gift of Jericho and then….BEAT UP JOHN CENA.


And that starts a fight between everyone! Well it’s close to January so it’s the Royal Rumble season! And for the ending part we’ll see DIY (Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa) sneak up from behind to try both stuff from early on. They liked it so much that they start to hear that familar song…and it’s Bobby Roode behind them. And yes, there is an impromptu Glorious Bomb from those three to end that skit. Not a bad way to use their best stuff from 2016 eh?


Yup I’m just really bored and got this idea from talking to my brother  number of months ago during one of our usual WWE improve nonsense bits because come on, who doesn’t like imitating these guys anyways? 😀

Royal Rumble 2016 – My preview


Today is the day! Apart from my birthday, the day I look forward to the most is the day the Royal Rumble PPV is on. For those who know me, the Royal Rumble is easily my favourite PPV of the year and also has my favourite match of the year, the Royal Rumble match itself. But it’s a bit different this year.


Instead of winning the chance of a lifetime to fight the world champion in the main event of the biggest PPV in WWE, Wrestlemania, this year’s Royal Rumble winner will walk out as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion! For the first time ever, the WWE title match is also the Rumble match and it’s only the second time the Rumble winner will be the WWE champion at the end of the 30-man contest.


Anyone of those 30 guys could end up winning the championship by the end of the match but realistically, it’s more like one of three guys. There’s likely to be 5 previous winners in the match but all 5 of them have only won it once. And about those three guys, it’s likely we’ll end up seeing a two-time winner this year and also a good chance that either entry spot #1 or #30 might have a third Rumble winner. More than half the field has never won a world championship and as many as five guys may make their Royal Rumble debut this year. I won’t talk much about the other matches, just the Royal Rumble match here. So who’s in it this year? Here’s the list of the guys who are confirmed so far:


Roman Reigns (the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Brock Lesnar

Chris Jericho


Bray Wyatt

Luke Harper

Erick Rowan

Braun Strowman

The Big Show

Dolph Ziggler



Curtis Axel

Big E

Kofi Kingston

Xavier Woods


Titus O’Neil



Alberto del Rio

King Barrett


So that’s 22 guys confirmed (the last time weren’t actually confirmed but if you saw RAW, it looks as though they’re all in the match) with another 8 spots left to fill in. We already know 2 of them will go to the winner of the kick-off qualifying match which is The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs The Dudley Boyz vs Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs Jack Swagger vs Mark Henry. For these kind of matches, I would usually go with the teams who aren’t really a tag team just so it can easily fill up another two spots so it must be Swagger and Henry going in.


And then there’s still 6 more spots to go. One of them has to be Kane. He’s been a beast in these Royal Rumble matches and he’s been in 18 of them so if he’s fit, he has to be in the match. It just wouldn’t be right if Kane was not in a Royal Rumble match if he’s able to compete.


There’s also two more spots who are supposed to be the “surprise entrants” but I’m pretty sure they’ll show up. One of them being Triple H, he’s been out for a while and I just have this funny feeling he’ll show up and somehow screw Reigns off the title, possibly even win the damn thing himself. Look out for him to likely be the #30 entrant. The other surprise would be the one I’m looking forward to the most, the WWE debut of AJ Styles. He’s easily my favourite wrestler outside of WWE and it would be awesome if it finally happens and at the Rumble match too!


So that means there’s still 3 more spots to figure out. One of them I believe will go to the winner of the Intercontinental Champions Last Man Standing match. The guy who ended up not answering the 10 count will surely not be able to compete for the Rumble match after that. It’s just common sense not to include the loser after that kind of a match.


I’d really like to see one of those spots go to a guy from NXT. After all, the Royal Rumble is held in Orlando, Florida, where NXT is based and with most of their guys likely to be backstage, surely they can get one of them on the show. If not, they could get someone like Heath Slater in (just because he’s over with the internet fans) and Goldust because well, he’s Goldust. Would be cool to see him in his 11th rumble match.


And then there was one. This last spot I believe will be the true surprise entrant. There’s three names I can think of. First is the Undertaker. If he is retiring after Mania, it’s only fair if he showed up at the Rumble. He’s already done so for Summerslam and Survivor Series. He could end up costing either Wyatt or Lesnar the match and get thrown out by the guy he’ll likely face at Wrestlemania, whomever that may be. Another name is Daniel Bryan, that is if he’s fit and the WWE medical team has cleared him or not. If not him….maybe the Rock? He is in Miami so you never know!


So what’s going to happen in the Rumble match? I don’t really know but I just hope it’ll be a good one, the last few ones weren’t that great. How will Kofi save himself this time? I think we’ll see New Day have something to do with his great escape this year. Look out for Axel to be the joke elimination, he’ll go in all cocky and get dumped out right away.


Reigns will start #1 but who will start with him? My gut feeling says it’ll be a big guy just to stick it to him, someone like a Big Show or maybe even a Braun Strowman. But I can see him lasting all the way, maybe even go from #1 to win it all. There’s three guys who are the heavy favourites, Reigns, Triple H and Lesnar. Me personally, I hope it’s neither one of those guys, that itself will make the Rumble match great. There’s just 12 hours left to go, I can’t wait for the 2016 Royal Rumble!

Interesting month of July

Well this month of July has been quite interesting. I’m still on my school break and unlike most of my classmates, I choose not to take up a part-time job because for me, if I were to work, I’d rather do it full time. I can’t do part time no matter what it may be, just can’t see myself doing it. Three big events this month and just more relaxing at home and also visiting parts of Singapore I’ve not been to in a while/not been to ever.

Of the three big events, there was one at the start of July, one at the end of July and the one in the middle was a last minute deal. The first big event was WWE Live in Singapore on July 2. Me being a huge wrestling fan, I had to go and this being my third wrestling event, I went for ringside seats just to see what it was like. $400+ for a Row 2 seat and well, it was sure worth it to be that close to the action.   20150702_194713A lot of wrestling fans here were complaining (on Twitter obviously) about the lack of big names that were on the card but hey, at least they were still making the long trip to Singapore, I won’t complain about it. The card that was advertised was completely different to what happened and it turned out to be a better show than I was expecting. Sure, I was disappointed not to see Chris Jericho join the guys in Singapore due to his Tough Enough duties but I still got to see my favourite wrestler of this new generation, Neville!

Who knows when these guys will be back here or when the next time I’ll get to see them but when it does happen, I won’t be getting ringside tickets haha. Sure it’s nice being that close but it’s a heck lots of money and I’m not working just yet so I’ll get back to the cheap seats next time around. It was my third WWE show live and I have to say, it was the best one yet.

After that it was more of my own little adventures just walking around aimlessly looking at stuff and also trying to find the best deals for a few things I was looking for, two PS4 games, PlayStation Vita and a new iPod. If anyone has a suggestion for a good mp4 player, or whatever the term is now, that is about 4GB (or more), let me know of one!

The next big event was the Barclays Asia Trophy on July 15. It was a friendly football (soccer for you North American peeps) tournament featuring three English football clubs, Arsenal, Stoke City and Everton along with a Singapore XI selection of mostly Singaporean players and a few top foreign players from the S-League. The main reason I decided to check it out was the fact that there were English teams playing live in Singapore, that doesn’t always happen and me being a huge fan of English football, I had to go for it.   20150715_175848Both matches were alright, not the best of matches but it was a friendly after all. It was my 2nd and 3rd football matches I’ve seen live (the first being Real Madrid vs Inter Milan back in California last July). Everton vs Stoke finished 0-0 and the good thing about these friendly tournaments is that if there is a draw, there’s always going to be a penalty shoot-out to decide the match after the 90 minutes are up. It happened with the first game I went to live and it happened again with this one. Everton would win it 5-4, thanks to one save from their awesome goalkeeper, USA’s Tim Howard.

The Arsenal vs Singapore match was always going to be a one sided affair and the stadium was packed with Arsenal fan and me being a Manchester United fan, that wasn’t a nice feeling haha. No surprises that Arsenal ended up winning 4-0, one of their young players got a hat-trick so good on you Chuba Akpom. There was even the Kallang Wave (our version of the Mexican wave, just with a name change) and even a fight involving the Aussie Arsenal fans (those lot were carrying kangaroo blow up dolls or whatever it’s called) and I’m guessing someone who isn’t an Arsenal fan.

Those matches were the semi-finals matches with the final matches taking place a few days later in the weekend. I had other plans as my parents were heading off to Melaka and since I’ve never been there before, I thought I’d follow them. I didn’t reliase Melaka was actually a pretty cool place. If you’re a foodie, that is THE place for you. I was more interested in the sights around the place, especially the Dutch part of the area. Two days was good enough for me to check the place out, I might return there one day.


A bit more exploring before the end of the month. One of them being the Henderson Waves. I’ve seen pictures of it and thought I’d check that place out for myself. I didn’t know it was a real pain in the arse to get to. The bloody bridge is the tallest in Singapore and I didn’t know it was that high but the pain was more on how to get there. I got tired just walking up the mountain like trails, that was my mistake. Still, the view up there was pretty cool. The rest of the trail was just walking on a suspended like bridge around nature which was not bad. At least now I know how to get there properly haha!

And the last event of the month of July 30 was probably the one was looking forward to the most because it was a first time thing for me. I’ve been to a football match. I’ve been to a WWE event before. But I’ve never been to an actual concert, and I’m not talking about the ones the Singapore Grand Prix usually has. To me, that is an F1 grand prix event, not a concert. I’m there mainly to see some of the best drivers in the world in one of the toughest street circuits around and the concerts are just a bonus, not the main reason for me being there.

So here I was in an actual concert, there just to hear great music and for my first one, I was going to see the living legend, Johnny Marr! I’m a big fan of the guy and he’s had an amazing career, be it with The Smiths, Electronic, Modest Mouse, The Healers, The Cribs or his own solo stuff he’s been doing for the past few years. He’s easily one of my favourite musicians in all of the music industry, with Noel Gallagher and Ian Brown being the other two. So it was a real treat to see Johnny and his band come to Singapore for the first time and rock the house down.


I thought my seats were really good, I had a clear view of the set until the part when Johnny came out and everyone started running down to the front. I didn’t know what was going on until I saw more people heading to the front and realising what was going on, so I joined in and gave myself a much better view than before. He played a couple of songs from The Smiths and Electronic days and also songs from his first two solo album, The Messenger and Playland. Both albums are really good.


It was nice to hear great music live for once and I knew all but two songs he played, one of them being a brand new song called Spiral Cities. That song was pretty good as well, can’t wait for it to be recorded. As you can tell, I don’t really follow the artists that everyone likes or is popular, I’m more of a fan of people who can write their own music and play their own stuff. And well, the English rock scene do have some of the best music around.

And I’ll say this, Johnny Marr is probably the best guitarist ever. That is my own opinion. The things he can do with his Fender Jaguar are quite amazing. Him and Noel Gallagher are the reason why I really want to learn how to play a guitar. Good to see that there is still some good music around in this current era when there have been some really awful stuff. Why listen to those crap when you can listen to something good like Johnny Marr’s music.

Listening to good music always puts us in a good mood so find what you like and enjoy it. For me, music from the likes of Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr is just the best of anything out there. It was an awesome gig, really enjoyed it from start to finish. I hope it won’t be long till Johnny Marr is back in Singapore.

Been a fun month of just enjoying life. Can’t say the same thing will happen in August, I’ll be nervously waiting for my exam results and hopefully it’s good news. Here’s my quote of the day to end this post, saw this while waiting for Johnny Marr’s gig to start:


WWE Live in Singapore (July 2nd 2015) – Truly the WWE Experience

After 8 long years away (12 for those of us who didn’t go to that show but went for the 2003 show), finally the WWE is back in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. WWE do tend to go overseas a few times to entertain us fans who don’t live the North America but it’s rare that they make a stop in Asia. Usually, they’ll have shows in the United Kingdom and Europe around the April and November time and recently Australia for the August time so it’s nice that there was an Asian tour this time. Half of the roster went to Singapore first for the July 2 show and then to Tokyo, Japan for the July 3 and 4 show and as most of you know, the July 4th show ended up being a live WWE network special and what an event that was.

We got to see pretty much the same guys who were in Tokyo except for Chris Jerico, Paige (both couldn’t make it due to Tough Enough duties) and Brock Lesnar (he only planned on going to Japan to visit an old friend). And of course, a lot of people weren’t happy with the card we had initially we kinda pissed me off, at least the WWE were showing up here, doesn’t matter if the roster were filled with guys I’m not fans of, I’d still go for it! I mean it’s not always the WWE shows up here in Singapore right? Just one thing for these WWE Live shows (or house show as it used to be known), usually the babyfaces wins and the heels don’t ever win, unless it’s by cheating or they end up getting beaten up by the faces at the end.

And since it’s been a while since WWE had been here, I went for ringside seats just for the heck of it. It cost me a good $430+, which is more expensive to what the Tokyo shows had (which was about $230) but hey, I wanted to see how it was like really close to the action and I have to say it was worth the money. Ok, one of the turnbuckle blocked my view of the entrance ramp but still, was a good view from where I was to see the action in the ring. And yes, we got to take back the chairs we sat on for the event for those of us with ringside seats!


The card for the night completely changed as the event started to the one that was advertised for the show, the only match that didn’t change was the main event, Kevin Owens vs John Cena. And I have to say, the updated card gave a much better show than I expected. And they started the night off with my favourite wrestler of this current generation, the man that gravity forgot, Newcastle’s own Neville!


Neville vs Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods & Big E)

I was expecting to hear Finn Bálor’s awesome theme song to hit after Neville’s own awesome theme song but what came next was Big E’s irritating promo voice. “OH SINGAPORE, DON’T YOU DARE BE SOUR, CLAP FOR THE NEW DAY, AND FEEEEL THE POWWEEERRR”. Yup, it’s the New Day. And it didn’t take long for the fans to start doing the famous clap chant. New Day Sucks! New Day Sucks!

I personally don’t think they suck, all three guys are good wrestlers and funny guys out of the ring, just their new characters…yup, you really want to hate those characters. Makes it easier to go with the New Day Sucks chant. And those guys are hilarious too. They’ll interact with us fans on the outside and just exchange jabs and we talking crap about them and them replying back. Or when Woods go “New Day” and the rest go “Sucks!”. WWE Universe, you gotta be a part of it to experience the fun that comes with being at a WWE event.

This was a really good match to start the night with two high flyers. Neville was amazing as usual, his high flying moves are some of the best in the world. And of course, he won with the picture perfect Red Arrow, the best finisher in WWE today! And I got to see that move live in person, woohoo! Neville won of course and as I say during any of his matches on Twitter, Howay Neville! (Geordie slang for Come on Neville)

Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores (w/ El Torito)

From one match involving high flyers to another match involving high flyers, this time a tag match with two lucha-style team of wrestlers. I’ve always been a fan of this Sin Cara (who used to be Hunico), not the shitty original Sin Cara and Kalisto, that guy can do some amazing stuff in the ring. It seems like Los Matadores is now the team for the comedic matches. After faking a lock-up, Diego actually locked up with the referee! Haha, good one! Even the poor ref didn’t know what to think of it.

But they weren’t just funny as a face, but also as a heel. Poor El Torito just wanted to be in the match and have some fun but he got thrown out by Fernando. He then decide to stick around and cheer for the Lucha Dragons haha! And yes, he would end up costing his own team the match. Sin Cara with another nice high flying finisher, Senton Bomb, for the win! Another good match.

Finn Bálor vs King Barrett

This match, just like the first match, was another show stealer. King Barrett came out and what a surprise, he cut a promo about him being the king of the ring and king of Singapore. I do like Barrett so he’s alright with me. Bálor came out to a huge pop, not bad for a guy who’s not even on the main WWE roster. Then again, the NXT roster might just be better than the main WWE roster these days. It’s only a matter of time before Bálor gets the call-up to move to the main roster.

As I said before, this was another great match on this card, one of the better matches for sure. There was one point where Barrett was punching Bálor up, stopped, pointed to someone and said “this one is for my fan over there”. He clearly heard a certain somebody shout “All hail King Barrett”, I heard it too. Who said it? None other than my brother who is a huge fan of Barrett so that must have been a cool moment for him. Here’s the funny part, he’s also a fan of Bálor since he’s from NJPW. Bálor got the win, no surprises there and a 2 days later, won the NXT Championship from Kevin Owens over in Tokyo. Barrett should get a push, this guy is good. Give him a chance!

Dolph Ziggler vs Kane in a Singapore Street Fight

This was a fan’s choice match. It was either going to be a normal one-on-one match or a Singapore Street Fight. It was nice to see Kane get one of the loudest pops of the night, great respect for the legend from everyone here. Ziggler obviously got a louder cheer from his fans, but I’m not one of them. He’s a great wrestler but there’s just something about him, I’m just not a fan.

This is the one match where we get to see the weapons involved, be it a steel chair, a Singapore cane, a table or even the steel steps. Yes, you heard me right, they used a Singapore cane in this match….in Singapore…with Kane using it. Let that all go in, Kane using a Singapore cane in Singapore, oh the irony. Another good match, not as good as the two I mentioned but still not so bad. We got to see Kane put Ziggler through a table with a Chokeslam, that’s always good haha! Ziggler won the match, again no surprises there.

There was an intermission break for a bit after the match and since the food and drinks were way too expensive, I went to speak to my brother and meet up with two of my friends. Kinda cool to bump into four friends on that day itself, all of us wrestling fans!

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs Tamina

Next up is the divas match and I’ll be honest, wasn’t that great of a match, quite short too. It was supposed to be a triple threat match involving Nikki Bella, Paige and Naomi. Paige couldn’t make it because of that Tough Enough show and Naomi pulled out due to personal matters so her cousin in law Tamina took her place. I don’t know why Nikki Bella got such a huge reception, not a fan of hers and well, she’s not that great. Remember that shitty promo about her sister? Yeah. The sad part is, they are planning to make her the longest reigning Divas champion, breaking AJ Lee’s record because well…AJ Lee is Mrs CM Punk. CM Punk betrayed the WWE and now he’s a part of that shit company UFC. And Nikki Bella is technically in some ways Mrs John Cena. So there you go haha!

I thought Tamina did most of the work in that match, it’d be nice to see her get a run with the title soon. Nikki won with a roll-up and that was it. Heck, all I got on video for that match was their entrances haha!

Cesaro vs Big E (w/ Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods)

Another great match on the card and well, anytime you put Cesaro in any match, he’s gonna be good. He’s proven he can match up well with just about anybody in the roster. I still don’t understand why he’s not had a main event push yet? He’s got the following, he’s got the talent, give him a chance to shine!

Of course, New Days were entertaining again in this match. At one point, Cesaro chased Xavier Woods out of the ring just for the fun of it. And not just that, Cesaro hit one of his uppercuts with Big E resting on the guard railing right in front of me! You can’t get any closer to the action than that. And to prove how awesome he is, he stood on the damn railing!


New Day got kicked out of the match because Mr Up Up Down Down (Woods’ gaming channel) tried to hit Cesaro with a chair and both got sent to the back. Cesaro hits Big E with the always awesome Cesaro swing and finished the match with one of my favourite finishers of all time, the Sharpshooter. That was in tribute of his injured tag team partner Tyson Kidd who should have been in Singapore too if not for a serious neck injury. The Swiss Superman was amazing in the ring and even when I saw the wrestlers going back up their coaches and head to their hotel, he was one of the few wrestlers to stop for a bit to say bye to the fans. He’s a top guy all round.

Now for the main event…

WWE United States Champion John Cena vs NXT Champion Kevin Owens

It’s the battle of the champions, US Champ Cena vs NXT Champ Owens. These two have had two brilliant matches in the last two WWE PPVs, and to think those were also the first two WWE PPVs for Kevin Owens. He’s made a huge impact since joining the main roster and well, who is surprised by that? He was killing it in NXT and you should know of what he’s done in ROH and around the world under his real name Kevin Steen.

Of course, with a Cena match, you’ll get the usual “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” chant and for the Owens fans “Fight Owens Fight”. There was even a CM Punk chant going at one point but really, why cheer for that guy anymore? He’s done with the WWE, stop wasting your time. I had a CM Punk shirt on before the event and quickly changed to my newly bought Chris Jericho shirt only because, that CM Punk shirt was the only WWE shirt I had haha!

It was another great match between those two. Owens was really funny too, he kept picking on this one little boy in front of me just because he had a Cena shirt and kept looking at him and told him “this is your hero huh?”. Of course, there was the five moves of doom from Cena and when Owens did Cena’s own move, he got a louder cheer! The matched ended by DQ because well…Owens kicked Cena in the nuts! Of course, Cena got his revenge, hit the Attitude Adjustment to send the fans back home happy.

And before we did head home, he spoke to the fans about being back in Singapore and in some ways, said it won’t be the last time we’ll see him and WWE in Singapore. So come on guys, bring the WWE back to Singapore soon, I had so much fun this time around like I have during the other two shows I went to (Singapore 2003 and Sacramento 2014).

It was a great day to see the WWE guys and gals up close in action. It’s a shame I didn’t get to meet even one of them, I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, darn my luck eh? Oh well. So it remains that the only wrestler I’ve met so far is the legendary Booker T, that guy is funny as heck.

Me being a lifelong wrestling fan, nothing beats going to a WWE event live (maybe apart from watching an F1 race, IndyCar race or a Manchester United match which I’ve not done so yet) and just have some fun there. It’s called sports entertainment for a reason and no-one does it like these guys.

And before I end this, here’s an awesome picture of Neville doing his Red Arrow. I don’t know who took this photo, but nice one!


WWE Live in Singapore – July 2nd 2015 – Who’s showing up?

2 more weeks to go until WWE makes it’s first appearance in Singapore in 8 years or so and me being a wrestling fanatic, I can’t wait for it! For whatever odd reason, I didn’t go for the July 2007 show so the last one I saw was the 5th December 2003 show (Brock Lesnar was on that show so he’s already been to Singapore haha). This show will be on 2nd July 2015 as one of three stops for their mini Asia tour along with two shows in Tokyo, Japan. I can’t wait to see the action and see the best sports entertainers in the world live for the second time in a year, my last time seeing WWE live was actually in Sacramento, California for one of their usual weekend live shows. I’m sure it’s going to be a great show and just from being around other wrestling fan during the Dolph Ziggler meet and greet session, the Singapore Indoor Stadium will be rocking in July, I’m sure of it.

I’ve seen myself twice on that video bit, I’m on the WWE Network haha! 😀

Now, who will we get to see in action? But first, who won’t be on it.

WWE usually has two rosters for their weekend live shows, there’s usually two shows in two different places so you won’t see everyone in one show, it just doesn’t work that way. Anyone hoping to see Randy Orton, sorry to give you the bad news but he doesn’t really do house shows anymore. In saying that, he’s going to be in the Australian and Puerto Rico shows! Come on man! By the way, the Australian roster looks really good. It would be nice to see more of the NXT guys on tour but I guess they’ll stick to their own NXT shows for the moment. At least we’ll get two of them here.

Let’s start with the guys and gals that are on the Winnipeg show. The ones that are advertised to be on the show are WWE Champion Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Big Show, WWE Tag Team Champions Prime Time Players, Natalya, The Miz, Fandango and Stardust. So we can count these guys out unfortunately, there are quite a number of wrestlers on that list that I’d really like to see in action live here instead.

There’s also the guys who were supposed to be on the Singapore/Japan shows but have been injured or were pulled out. Dean Ambrose was advertised for the show initially but as you know now, he’s on the Winnipeg show. Chris Jericho had planned to be on the show but now he can’t make it due to Tough Enough (thanks for ruining my chance to see one of my all time favourite wrestlers!), so he won’t make the Singapore show but he’ll be on the two Japan shows. Daniel Bryan was another who was advertised but he got injured shortly after that news so he’s out. The main event was supposed to be John Cena vs Rusev but Rusev is also injured. Tyson Kidd just recently joined that unfortunately list when he had his serious neck injury so he too won’t make it (big fan of Tyson here so that’s a real shame). Wishing those three a speedy recovery!

Before I end this list, there are a few more I’ve got to include. For those hoping to see Brock Lesnar, haha give up. Let’s be real, Brock Lesnar does not do house shows. Hell, he doesn’t even show up for most of the bloody Raw TV shows! Why would he want to travel all the way to Singapore just for a show? Ok sure, he’ll be in the second Japanese show which is his first “house” show in ages but that’s only because he had planned to go to Japan himself to visit some friends. And since WWE has a show there, why not get paid to beat the crap out of Kofi Kingston? Hideo Itami won’t be in the Singapore show because from what I know, he’ll be heading for Japan first to visit his family. How do I know this? Hehe…my brother met him and he told him about it! Nice to have some inside scoop for once haha!

Ok, now that’s out of the way, who’s going to be on the show itself? Here’s the card (as of right now, June 21 2015):


United States Champion John Cena vs NXT Champion Kevin Owens

Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett (or as I like to call him now, Sir Bad News of Barrett)

WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs Paige vs Naomi

Finn Balor vs Neville (Easily match of the night, let’s go Neville!)

Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores w/ El Torito

Cesaro and Lucha Dragons vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E)

Kane will be on the show too, he was supposed to be in a match with Chris Jericho but that obviously will change.

Why are Lucha Dragons scheduled for two matches? I know the planned Cesaro and Kidd vs New Day match can’t happen now but why have them wrestle twice? Just doesn’t make sense. I mean, WWE have got a lot of guys on their roster, surely they can bring in another tag team or bring a few guys and throw them together for that match. Perhaps the joke team of Mandow and Axel Mania for the laughs? Would be nice if Luke Harper and Eric Rowan could fill those spots but they’re a heel team themselves and I have a feeling they’ll be on the Winnipeg show too. What about two face guys together, Jack Swagger and R-Truth maybe? Ok, that won’t work surely. It would be a shame if Kane’s role becomes that of a “general manager”, he can still go in the ring. I initially thought Cesaro would be the perfect guy to replace Chris Jericho but I guess that won’t happen.

I’ve noticed something, Sheamus isn’t planned for either shows so who knows, maybe he might be a last minute addition? Would be nice, I’m digging his new character. I’d like to see Bo Dallas too, he cracked me up at the Sacramento house show last August, we need these guys for the entertainment bit. Looking at the roster heading for Singapore, the only guy who’s likely to cut a promo will be Barrett and New Day (to cheer the power of positivity to a loud NEW DAY SUCKS chant) there’s gotta be more surely. It’s entertainment too.

The card is alright, could have been a bit better but I can’t complain, it’s not always that WWE shows up in Singapore, I’ll take whatever I can get. I’m more than happy that Neville will be on the show, with Jericho not doing wrestling full time, Neville has become my favourite wrestler in the WWE (and NXT before that) so it’ll be awesome to see that amazing wrestler live in person. And he’s gotta hit his amazing finishing move, the Red Arrow. I will go nuts when I see it, I’m sure of it. They have to let him do it surely.

And I’m sure whatever happens, Cena will probably end up the winner at the end. Kinda weird that he’s been on all three shows I’ve been to (Singapore 2003, Sacramento 2014 and Singapore 2015). I’m sure it’s gonna be a great show, I’ve got row 2 seats for it! $400+ but hey, it’s not always WWE will be here and why not, just an expensive seat for once, see if it’s really worth it and I’m sure it will be. I mean, the seats I got in Sacramento was not bad and it wasn’t the first few rows!

Less than 2 weeks away, I can’t wait!